Acer Announces New All-In-Ones Starting $399 For The Holiday Season

Acer has announced some new all-in-ones coming for the new holiday season.  We do not have all the details at this point in time.  Acer owns Gateway, but they are still keeping the brand alive.

Acer Aspire ZC-605 Series

Acer all in one 1Acer all in one 2

This Acer features a 19.5” screen ideal for games, USB 3.0 ideal for connecting to peripheral devices, and a 1 terabyte hard drive.  The chassis tilts from 10-30 degrees. The Acer Aspire ZC-605 Series will be priced starting at $599.99.

Gateway One ZX4270

Priced very affordably starting at $399.

Gateway all in one 1 Gateway all in one 2

This Gateway boasts a 19.5” screen in a compact body.  The Gateway will be available this month starting at $399.

Source: Windows Blog

  • nohone

    For as much as people hate brand names like Gateway, I bought a Gateway shortly after Win7 was released and set it up as a Media Center. Which means it runs for hours per day, constantly writing to the disk, and recording up to 4 media streams at a time from cable card. And it still runs great.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Gateway is just like Packard Bell, I bought a Windows 8 Packard Bell P.C. (also the device I’m writing this on), and it runs Windows Store Programmes that are identical with the same names, if I download Acer Explorer it considers it ”a Packard Bell exclusive” and the same goes for Acer Docs, Acer Music, Acer Photos, Acer Remote Files, Acer Scrapboard and Packard Bell Scrapboard, it really doesn’t matter what brand they put on it, you’ll have access to all exclusive features and programmes in the Windows Store on any of these P.C.’s, the only Acer-branded device I bought was an Acer Liquid Z2 Android Smartphone as a gift, and it didn’t dissapoint either.

  • NegLewis

    Touch Display it’s synonymous with Slim, Modern and Portable.
    This is not slim. Not Modern and i’m sure as h. that it’s not portable too.

    Look at Dell Touch 23″.

    • techieg

      Looks like every other lame OEM design. Why they cannot innovate and beat Apple still fascinates me.