New App Icons Spotted in Leaked Windows 8.1 Build

An official developer preview of Windows 8.1 is expected to be released in June at the BUILD conference, but in the mean time information has been leaking out.  Icons for the new ‘Alarms,’ ‘Sound Recorder,’ ‘Calculator,’ and ‘Movie Moments’ have been uncovered by PCPortal.

On the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Mary-Jo Foley has confirmed with her sources that the start button along with “boot to desktop” is indeed baked in to the latest internal build at Microsoft. I think this is a huge step backwards, but that is a discussion for another blog post.

Do you like the new icons? Let us know in the comments below.

  • sri_tech

    I would say those two things(start button and boot to desktop) are good for Microsoft and consumers.

    1. Start button is not same as start menu. Clicking the start button will take you to the start screen while start menu will open the options there itself.
    Its a good thing to have start button. It changes nothing and its not going backwards. Its just a visual clue for the not tech savvy people.

    2. Boot to desktop is great for many people who does not have touchscreen PC’s. This will be welcomed by corporate world.
    Why not give the consumers a choice? Even thought that option is there most people may not be using. But for the tech savvy who cries for that option it will be very useful and subdues the negativity about Windows 8.

    • jecht

      “Boot to desktop is great for many people who does not have touchscreen PC’s.” That’s kinda stupid if you tell me because i don’t have a touchscreen and love how windows 8 starts in the start screen and it seem people forget that the mouse still exist. so in start screen take mouse move it to desktop tile click and their you go you have your desktop how hard was that with just the mouse don’t need a touchscreen for that.

    • Bloob

      Exactly, there is nothing wrong with giving people choice. Windows 8 is a great OS if you know what you are doing, but for “the common folk” it’s best to ease them in.

      I do use metro / modern on non-touch desktop, but I’d still want to boot to desktop.

    • Meekermoloko

      I hardly ever shut down my computer… I just put it to sleep. If I put it to sleep in Desktop mode, it resumes in Desktop mode. Having the Power button in the Settings menu is pretty dumb.

      There are many issues to be resolved with Windows 8, but the boot to Desktop and the Start button are pretty minor to me… even though they are the two that people are most vocal about for some reason.

      I don’t miss the Start button since I pin my most used Applications and Control Panel to the taskbar, but I do miss the Recent Items list.

      • WixosTrix

        Where else would they put the power options that would be always be accessible? Whether you’re using a mouse or touch, shut down is accessed the same way, which makes sense.

        • Meekermoloko

          Well, I haven’t used the Devices icon at all. How about put the Power icon there and the Devices under Settings?

          Anyway, if they are putting the Start button back, then they’ll probably have the Power option there again.

          • WixosTrix

            That option is for connecting to nearby available devices.
            The power options makes the most sense under settings.
            Also, the Start Menu will not be returning. If anything, it will just be the button and it will take you straight to the Start Screen.

    • Steve Handy

      it is a step backwards because developers will shy away from creating metro style apps if they think that people aren’t using them. This only compounds the problem with windows having a smaller app store than android and apple. Everything you can do with a start menu can be done with the start screen; mouse or keyboard.

  • Viktor

    I agree that this is a step backwards, but one can agree that this unconfigurability was not windows-style from the beginning. It should be configurable through domain policies or some other, maybe hidden, way.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    There are tons of videos with the pre-beta version of windows 8.1 visible on Youtube. The June release, perhaps as expected, looks a lot like it. So I think it will be clear what will come. Unfortunately there will still be more issues to be adressed. Hopefully microsoft is already thinking about 8.2.

    I think the icons are nice. Plain and functional. Reminds me of windows phone. I just hope that these tiles will also be able to show information. For example the alarms tile could show info on active alarms or a countdown to when the alarm goes off. I understand the simplicity of an alarm app, but microsoft could certainly do more to make use of their own APIs. I otherwise do not understand, why the alarm tile needs the option to be wide.
    I also hope this means that other native apps by microsoft also get an update. News, email, people’s app and calender all need an update. News needs to be more engaging and flexible with rss feeds as a main news source. Also they desperately need to fix some stability issues. Calendar app in my opinion needs a desperate update of being to add email content or attach an email to a calendar appointment. The peoples hub needs a fuller integrated facebook experience. I am still missing personal messages and missing the option to add and unfriend someone within the app. Also there is an issue that not all fotos are portrayed in true resolution compared to or the facebook app. With email, as with calendar I am desperately missing an option to add email contacts to persons from within the app. Also missing an option to add email content or an email as an attachment to a calendar appointment.
    My wish. that the native apps for calendar, news, email and people also get the option of double wide tiles. They contain so much info, they deserve more space. I think it would be very functional and cool as well.

  • donzebe

    Start or no start button, boot to deskstop or no boot to deskstop, All the Microsoft haters out there already have something to whine / cry about as soon as windows 8.1 is out.
    I am a common consumer and I like my windows 8. However, all new improvements to windows 8 are welcome, Don’t just set it back to windows 7 or XP.

  • NegLewis

    MS should allow users to hide/show Start Button/Start Page.
    Like Sony does with all their W8 Laptops – it’s almost impossible for a regular user to switch from Desktop Mode to Windows 8 Tile Mode

    • WixosTrix

      No it isn’t.

    • JasonGW

      The only kind of person who would find it “almost impossible” is a complete and total moron. Give people some credit–they’re smarter than you think.

  • Vlad Weber

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