New Bing Action Buttons Allows You To Quickly Get The Job Done

Yesterday Bing team announced a new feature for Bing web search called Bing Action Buttons. When you search across 7 popular categories – including airlines, couriers (e.g. FedEx), restaurants, banks, rental cars, software downloads and hotels – you will be presented with buttons for top actions on the site, that directly take you to the page where you can complete your task. You can see how it will look like the above two images.

This is not a ground breaking feature, but these simple little things helps you to get your job done easily when compared to Google.
More on this feature on Bing blog.


  • Oshalabi9

    I like the fact that the idea is simple. And that is just it isn’t it. We have all this mass information and we just need a way to simplify it. When I search for something I am looking for a phone number, address and sometimes not much else. Its great to spend time improving the interface of the information and not just the technology behind it. It would be nice to see bing come out with a new technology that uses some sort of synapses like the brain to find information relating to past user history and just blow Google away.

  • Milad Bazzaz

    I still wonder why Apple, that is so ferociously fighting Android, isn’t sticking it to Google by using Bing as their default search engine on their phones, ipods, ipads and Macs….it would make sure that Google stays busy in their core business and have less resources for other markets to penetrate…

    Microsoft and Apple should have had a deal a loong time ago already.