New Bing Feature Allows Us To Know More Info About Home Page Image

As part of public testing, Bing home page and search results page usually feature lots of new tweaks and features for limited set of people. Yesterday, I noticed a new feature in Bing home page that allows you to know more information about the Bing home page image of that day. As you can see above, there is an information icon just before download button. When you click it, you are provided with more info about the photo as shown above.

Did you find this feature on your Bing page?

  • FavBrowser

    US only?

  • Rob Harris

    I’m in US and that feature isn’t available to me.

    • darthtigris


  • Santi

    US only, as usual.

    • NGM123

      Maybe Bing is only good in the US than? Cause as much as I try to use it and like it, it just sucks. And as much as i now hate scroogle, the results using Bing, here is Australia anyway, are poor.

  • Lynild

    And that’s why Bing catch up so slowly…
    It’s works really really well in US, and maybe UK. But almost rest of europe, it’s still in beta, which means it’s ugly, results are not that great, no auto-suggestion, yeah, pretty much nothing. Really a slap in the face compared to Google. And before they fix that, Bing will be behind Google forever.