New Bing UI Spotted In The Wild, Looks Clean And Simple

Bing team has a habit of testing its UI tweaks among the public. The latest one was spotted yesterday by few users where Bing web search results page gets a new clean look with no blue header as the current one. The new UI has only one common header at the top as opposed to two headers in the old one.

Hope Bing adopts this UI in the future, its looks cool.

via: liveside

  • Maximilian Hernandez

    oh god let’s not even think of saying they copied google, google has been going metro influenced lately, and we all know who copied who on that one.

    • Saad Hashmi

      But you have to admit this ‘redesign’ looks a LOT like Google before they got rid of the navbar on top recently. I just kinda wish Bing would go with a Metro-style look for its web UI.

    • Mort

      For me, the Metro design looks like old Lotus Notes. And it’s not bringing nice memories. 😉

      And regarding the search results: I don’t see that much change since the first Altavista or Lycos versions…

    • Anonymous

      LOL! I can’t believe he said that either when Google Copied Yahoo! for years.  Google has JUST now got their site to look up to date.

  • Sergey Durnov

    Blue links and green text looks ugly

  • Anonymous

    looks a bit google-ish…

  • Anonymous

    Looks fake. Has no identity, looks like Google – especially with the Settings icon. I would love if Bing would be get rid of the big background image though.