New BlueStacks App Optimized For Surface Pro Brings 750,000 Android Apps To Windows 8

Bluestacks Windows 8

BlueStacks allows you to run your favorite Android app on your PC. The app was previously released on Windows 7 PCs and got over 5 million downloads since launch. Bluestacks also got some OEM deals where companies like Lenovo, etc will pre-install BlueStacks on their PCs. Today, BlueStacks announced a new version of their app which is optimized for Surface Pro and Windows 8. BlueStacks App Player now lets you run apps fast and fullscreen with some kind of charms menu as well.

Download it here.

  • blackhawk556

    this program is free?? I don’t get what benefits the developer sees by making this free. Does the app somehow pass along your info so that the developer can sell it to the Highest bidder? To bombard you with ads I mean.

    • Smity Smiter

      You might want to ask that question to the Open Source community. I believe the answers will be the same.

  • Dome

    This is a great news!!!
    So Windows 8 can grow and increase its customer base without missing applications! Developers when will be enough users will realize apps for Windows 8…

  • Smity Smiter

    I hope it’s just the video that’s lagging. (while downloading using IE).

  • surilamin

    While it’s technically impressive, at the end of the day it’s just another emulator with they typical shitty performance. I’d pass on this unless you have a relatively powerful machine.

  • koenshaku

    No one has installed this yet?

    • hysonmb

      I ran this on my Series 7 Slate for a couple of weeks before getting a Surface. Honestly, I hardly ever used it. There aren’t enough “missing” apps to make this a must have and if you have an actual PC, you can access most of the things those apps offer in other ways anyway. Unless there’s a game you simply must have, this is a cool app but not something you’ll feel lost without.

  • pickedaname

    Does not work on my ASUS VivoTab Smart. :/