New disc format to add a gigabyte to Xbox disc storage

Microsoft is doing whatever it can to expand the lifespan of its gaming console, and the latest move to expand the available storage on the dual layer DVD used by the console.

Currently the format uses 6.8GB out of a maximum of 7.95GB available, and the latest format, enabled by the new software that comes with the new dashboard will bring the storage up to the maximum number.

While the 14% increase is welcome, it does little to bring it up to the 50 GB supported by the Blu-ray in the PS3, and suggests Microsoft will have to be much more creative to keep their console competitive.


  • Modean2525

    The easiest method would he to add in the HD-DVD technology into the X-Box 360, and use that to store games in the machine. They were a partner in the tech, and it should he cheap enough to implement. That alone would bring the capacity to at least 30 GB, if not 45 with triple layer. They don’t need to go along with blu-ray just to stay competitive, but they seriously need to increase their disc capacity. And then re-release Halo 1, 2, and 3 in an uncompressed, hi-res, 3D special edition to ensure it sells well.

    • Anonymous

      the problem they know is, that everyone can up
      date for free and easy to the new dashboard, but not enough people would buy the new “integrated” console.

      you only have to look at the troubles with XBOX’s past regarding hardware fragmentation (arcade model, elite, etc) and even inconsistencies like Microsoft telling customers a hard drive would NOT be necessary, then later allowing developers to make games that WOULD require the hard drive. not to mention the wi-fi, HDMI,etc, and other peripherals that later became part of the standard XBOX unit.

      these were all points Microsoft lambasted Sony for when the PS3 launched, with MS saying it was too expensive and unnecessary to include those features, including the 50GB storage discs. Microsft said that DVD was a “mature format and is a better fit for the XBOX360 than unproven Blu-ray that’s currently in a standards war with HD-DVD”.

      later MS would try and release the HD-DVD add-on, yet for some reason it would do nothing for games and purely be a film-only device that would need a games console to work.

      developers for Microsoft’s console have been complaining about the relatively small storage medium of DVD for years, saying they have to choose from unpleasant options such as compromise the game to make it fit onto one disc, spread the game onto 2 discs, or pay the royalty to Microsoft to have it spread onto 3 discs (yes MS charge developers for more than 2 discs). at the same time these developers have been happy that Sony used a storage format that didn’t stifle and restrict their creative ability to make great games.

      now we see Microsoft trying to squeeze every byte out of a redundant format while at the same time telling us they expect a long lifespan for the console lasting at least another 5 years. while we know as soon as they release the next-xbox, they will kill the present one within 6 months as they did with XBOX1.

      in comparison, Sony is still supporting and releasing games for a family of 3 playstations: the PS2, the PSP, and the PS3. spanning over 10 years of launched consoles.

      I suspect Microsoft will be clawing more storage out of their DVD format by changing the DRM technology that currently consumes more than a gigabyte on each disc.

      just as MP3 and AAC, etc formats have DRM and takes 10-20% processor and storage potential on portable media devices, so does the DRM in consoles when it comes to processor usage and storage capacity. 14% increase on a typical dual-layer DVD may not be much, but at least developers can squeeze a bit more from an aging format.

      meanwhile Sony’s long-term gamble on their vision with the features in the PS3 seems to be paying off and will no doubt be well supported for many years to come because of it.

  • Cock

    Could the game not come bundled with a “cheap as chips” memory stick to the size needed by the game? Your choice, copy to HDD or plug in when needed