New Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer Discusses His New Role, Promises More Focus On Gaming

Last week, Satya Nadella announced some changes in the senior leadership team at Microsoft. Following Marc Whitten’s resignation, Phil Spencer has been promoted to take on a new role leading Xbox, combining the Xbox and Xbox Live development teams with the Microsoft Studios team. Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson spoke with Phil Spencer about his new role as Head of Xbox. They discussed about E3, fan feedback, and his plans to help lead Xbox going forward. Phil Spencer answered that he is looking into all the feedback he is getting from people around, and his focus is mainly on gaming for Xbox. He really wants Gaming and Xbox to be a main strategy for Microsoft going forward.

Watch the video above to know more.


  • LexicoRed

    Phil your talking good game but why don’t you adress the need for a price cuts on XBoxOne so soon and even worst is the layoffs that is happening in the Division. Not a good indicator of success.

    • nohone

      Sony must not be very successful with the PS4, being the have been shutting down some of their game studios an laying people off.

      • XBoxerOne

        If your right, it is really bad for the XBox, the division is doing layoffs AND price cuts.

        I called some poster a loser for said 3 months ago Microsoft would soon be having layoffs. Sad to say he was correct. It is so hard to think Microsoft laying people off but it is happening.

        • Guest

          What I can understand that people keep saying PS4 is not as good as the XBox One yet it keeps selling better then XB1. It not like I can use the excuse it’s just iSheep like I do with the iPhone or iPad. :(

          • yardmanflex

            it’s selling better because it’s $100 cheaper…..not because it’s does more…

    • rjmlive

      No doubt if Sony went first, Microsoft would have had plan B ready for Xbox pricing. They didn’t anticipate Sony would take as much of a hit considering it’s history with console pricing/strategy. A price adjustment right after a PS4 announcement wouldn’t have looked very good so they used the Titanfall launch as an incentive/reason/opportunity to make the change. Now that they’ve had to come down to the PS3.1 model of console strategy and abandon the “next gen” Steam model due to gamer response, I think the $50 would have gone toward recovering some costs of the R&D into that as well as the serious high level tech in the Kinect 2, which is a 100% component of Xbox’s platform. 100% guarantee that every XBox One owner has access to the future of gaming and media interaction, again for the future vision of a console.

      Best value in console market right now is the Xbox One, and at only $50 or even $100 more than the PS4, it still is, especially considering the future.

      • NGM123

        Agreed, but the buying public don’t agree as the PS4 is kicking the Ones ass. Xbox needs a price cut yesterday!

        • rjmlive

          Short term, the Xbox One is still a successful console. Long term they have a better foundation for the future.

          • NGM123

            I feel the same and hope your right, however facts are facts currently and only time will tell. The POS4 is romping ahead; perhaps being focused on being a games machine first is what the majority want? Hope not, hopefully the One will romp away long term, still needs a price cut yesterday.

        • Guest

          ^^^yes what he said^^^^