New Information Leaks About Start Button In Windows 8.1

Start Button Win8

The highly reliable Mary-Jo Foley has new information regarding how the start button will work in Windows 8.1 aka Windows Blue.  The start button will be on by default on Windows 8.1, but will can be turned off by users who do not want it.  The start button will look very similar  to the one in the charms bar, but will not be visible until the user moves the mouse down to the lower left corner.   Users will also be able to configure what the button can open, either the normal Metro Home Screen, or the “All Apps” view instead.  It is also rumored that you will be able use your desktop background on the Metro Start Screen with Blue, as to make the transition between Desktop and Metro more seamless.

I think this will just add more confusion, and this will have the opposite effect that Microsoft intends, to quell some the vocal, whiny, & complaining blogs.  We’ll see when we get an official build on our hands in late June.


  • nohone

    Confusion is exactly what the Win8 haters want. They have manufactured a problem when there is none. If MS adds a button that only appears when you hover over it, then they will complain about needing to use a mouse. If MS allows showing the desktop background on the Metro home screen they will complain that people will not know the difference between the desktop and the metro home screen.

    It does not make a difference if the OS just works, is easy to use, and offers new features, they will create a reason to complain to try to scare people away from MS to Apple or Google.

  • Mark Matheson

    Not having a start button doesn’t bother me. Not having folders in Metro is just bloody annoying!

    • Davey

      They’re called tile groups.
      But I hear what you’re saying. If you could collapse a tile group into a vertical graphic place holder or something that would be cool.

      • DW

        And then have the tiles remain *in the same place* when you go back to the start screen. It’s currently like ground-hog day with the start screen!

    • Otto Gunter

      I don’t get it. Do you like to look at your Start Screen? I used to organize programs (or apps) into folders (groups) waaaaay back in early Windows, until I found out that I only need to key in one or two letters and then hit Enter to launch. Easy-peasy-lemon squeezy, no folder search needed!! Isn’t the Start Screen just a launcher? Who spends any time on it, let alone to organize the thing? Start Menu / Start Button / Start Screen, who cares, adapt and move on.

      • Mark Matheson

        I’d imagine MS were hoping people would spend a little time on the start screen since they configured the tiles to show live updates.

        Yes, I too use the keyword search to find and execute apps hence why I don’t need a start menu per se but I do wish I could make the start screen look a bit neater and group applications in folders that suit my needs e.g. tech/news/gaming folders may have live tiles with different news sources, I could choose a story that interested me.

        If you don’t use these things, it is your perogative but I’d have liked the choice.

  • counterblow

    who gives a fuck. if you still need a start button you will never evolve anyways. stay a dinosaur.

  • norsem4n

    People just love to complain. :(

  • mober

    something like this would be a acceptable compromise:

  • teklimbaugh

    wait, this is already what Windows 8 does. if I move my mouse to the bottom left of the desktop, a start menu button already pops up. way to break that story /:)

  • Guest

    Windows 8 is hated by most and this situation is only making it worth.


    Windows 8 is hated by most and this situation is only making it worse.

    • DW

      I think a lot of people like the speed and size of the OS. There are just some things that need to be ironed out on the UI, on the way to making it a great tablet and desktop experience (without taking away from either of them).

  • eharris560

    People just love to stand still, then complain there’s no change

  • Davey

    I think this will just add more confusion, and this will have the opposite effect that Microsoft intends…“. On the contrary! The part people/bloggers found jarring was the transition from metro into desktop. If you can have the same wallpaper across the two then you’ll have a seamless switch between.

    It’ll go from desktop icons and a taskbar to live tiles whipping into view WITHOUT the hideous entire screen flipping around effect.

  • grs_dev


  • Bloob

    I’d love to use my own backgrounds on metro.

  • krishna

    Well, now the Windows 8.1 Preview has come out, you can check it has the classic Start Menu.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5

    i didn’t get the update :(