New Internet Explorer 9 Ads From Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a series of ads promoting its Internet Explorer 9 web browser. These ads with the theme “The web you love, one click away" features TV celebrities from US. It shows the tab pinning functionality of IE.

As Long Zheng noted,

The celebrities, who are largely US-centric TV names, include Allison Haislip (Attack of the Show), Reed Timmer (Storm Chasers), Kari Byron (Mythbusters), Tory Belleci (Mythbusters), Bert Kreischer, Naomi Natale and Marina Sousa and Jo Frost (Supernanny). Some of the sites featured include the World’s Biggest Pac-man, CNN, Bing, Kayak, Twitter, Break, Hotmail, eBay and WordPress.

You can watch more such ads at

  • Chuck

    I do like ie9 except for three major annoying problems for me

    1. When I go to yahoo and click a link, and want to go back to the main page, I have to click a hundred times.
    2. Citrix Client, instead of opening the file when I click a link, ie asks me what to do with it unlike previous versions.
    3. ie9 mobile, where’s my silverlight support???

    • Anonymous

      as per the commercials, Microsoft would suggest you pin your Yahoo main page to your taskbar, then going back would only be “one click away”

    • Ariel_ber

      if u already pin yahoo, and u want to go to the main page just click on the yahoo icon on the topleft corner I´ve just discovered it