New Language Labs From Microsoft Translator Team

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Language labs is a new project from Microsoft Translator team where you can try out experimental new features and research prototypes. The site now has three new experiments,

1) Contextual Thesaurus: Translate from English to English to explore alternate ways of expressing the same idea.
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2) Translator Bookmarklet:

Translate any page with the simple click of a bookmark. Translation happens in place without leaving the page with this light-weight, cross-browser plugin.
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3) Universal Text Input:

Universal Text Input allows you to input any language using only the Roman characters. Use it here or on any website.
Try it now!

You can visit the labs website at


Source:, istartedsomething

  • Rafuse Jack

    New technology is
    now making it very easy to learn new languages. Modern tools can help us now
    to bridge the barriers. learning other language is fun especially using
    moderns tools like speechtrans. 


    Jack (

    • Anonymous

      I agree with

      I’m a student

      I have this app on my iPhone called speechtrans that let me

      with people with different languages.this app help me to my language

      and its a good thing that we have this modern technology right now.

      its very helpful for student like me who want to learn different culture
      from other country

      this is the website