New Microsoft Scroogled Ad Reveals How Google Is Corrupting Kids At School


Microsoft has released a new ad to promote its Bing for Schools campaign by comparing it to Google which serves all sorts of ads for students in schools.

As part of Microsoft’s continued focus on promoting digital literacy in education, the Bing for Schools program offers daily lesson plans designed to teach search skills, Bing Rewards enhancements to help earn Microsoft Surface RT tablets for schools, and, for schools admitted to the pilot program, a tailored Bing search experience for K-12 students when on the school network. Schools participating in the search pilot will receive ad-free Bing search, strict filtering to help block adult content, and augmented privacy protections

Read more about the campaign here.

Source: CNET

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  • reKitab

    Things like this is what’s, among other screwgles, really scroogled it for me:)
    “..I don’t think — and at this point I think no one in the industry thinks anymore — that it was a responsible decision on Google’s part to put out a mobile operating system (and to mislabel it as “free”) without firstly securing licenses to critically-needed intellectual property. Regardless of where one stands on the desirability of software patents, they’re a fact of life that can’t just be ignored. Software patents are the law of the land, in the United States and the whole industrialized world. There can be endless debates over whether software patents complicate or facilitate new market entries, but Google is definitely an example of a company that owes its success in no small part to a software patent, the PageRank patent, which Google’s founders applied for before they had a business plan, let alone a working product, and which was absolutely key to their initial fundraising…”

    • freeman

      Really quoting fosspatents. Exposed in court as being paid for by third party companies opposed to Google. He doesn’t even have a law based education. You should read some Groklaw articles on fosspatents posts especially regarding the Oracle v Google case, where they complete expose his biased and flawed so called expertise.

      • nohone

        Oh noes! Someone does not goose-step with the Google press releases, they must be biased! But, of course, if Google or Apple say they are better than the other or Microsoft, well, then they are supposed to be believed beyond a shadow of a doubt, and if you disagree with Apple or Google, then you are just a hater.

        • freeman

          So your listening to someone who has no legal background, education or experience on matters of IP and patents. Someone who has been exposed as taking payments from companies in court cases while writing about those cases and has been exposed repeatedly by respected legal experts as not knowing what hes talking about. Groklaws savaging of fosspatents so called legal expertise was fully justified for example in the Oracle v Google case where fosspatents opinions where so flawed he was laughed at.

          “Mueller’s enormous volume of output on FOSS Patents fairly raises the question of when he finds the time to do any serious consulting work for Oracle in between his diligently granular tracking of several international patent lawsuits, his frequent media appearances, and his additional work as a paid consultant to Microsoft.” Nilay Patel

          • nohone

            Based upon your comments here – your total and complete lack of knowledge of how Office365 works but yet you feel free to run at the mouth and spout whatever you want just to try to scare people away – I tend to believe the opposite of whatever you Liam to be true.
            And as for quoting anything written at The Verge, you my as well be quoting an Apple press release. Remember, the creator of that site likes to call Microsoft a “cancer,” routinely tells people who use Microsoft products to “shut the fuck up” or “calm the fuck down,” attacked Microsoft days after Win8 shipped for having no apps (even while there are millions available) while giving OSX a near perfect score for number of apps available, claims there are no real device available for Win8/RT while giving iOS a near perfect score for available devices, and so on, and so on.
            But that does not matter, what does is your all out lies in an effort to smear Microsoft, and then start to lecture people about the truth. I don’t know, I don’t read either of hose web sites, but what I do know is, as I wrote before, your word is not reliable. So if you feel one site is wrong because they do not tow the google party line, ten I tend to believe it is the right one.

      • reKitab

        Pamela Jones, commonly known as PJ, is the creator and was editor of Groklaw, an award-winning website that covered legal news of interest to the free and open-source software community. Jones is an Open Source advocate who previously trained and worked as a paralegal.

  • Tirinti

    Some times ago there were scroogled add targeting Google for closing services. Since then Microsoft has closed some of its services as well.

    • WixosTrix

      They weren’t simply because Google was shuttering services, it was the amount of services they would start, get users hooked, and then shut them down when they figure out they aren’t going to make any money with them.

      The difference with Microsoft is, they will typically let something bleed money until it become profitable if they believe it can be.

      That being said: I hate this campaign.

      • freeman

        This is just nonsense. Google’s business model is about free services with ads. If users somehow got hooked then they would make money. The problem is users didn’t get hooked.

        The problem with the scroogled ad is it puts the spotlight more on Google’s products than their own. Smoked by windows phone blew up in their faces when they where exposed as fixing the challenges. Then when they still lost failed to pay up. Microsoft where made a laughing stock in the Android and iOS community.

        • nohone

          No, it was only the people like you who hate Microsoft who believe that Smoked blew up in their face. It doesn’t make a difference what Microsoft does, the Android and iOS community will find some way to believe in their heads that Microsoft has failed. WP introduced flat tiles, they were mocked for it, and now Android is introducing it in apps such as Play, and Apple is adding it to iOS7 but with a color palette designed for 7 year old girls, and now the flat look is the retest thing ever. Android and iOS are becoming a laughing stock, since they are unable to come up with an original idea.

        • Asgard

          “Google’s business model is about free services with ads.”
          No it’s not. It’s about profiling people and selling that information to advertisers. The more complete profile they get, the more money they get. That’s why they are constantly going beyond search and even web. Remember google car and google glasses? Yeah, to track you outside the internet and make even more complete profile to sell.

    • nohone

      And if something like this were written but to be negative against Apple or Google, the usual suspects would be in here yelling that nothing about this was written in the article, it is off topic, it should not be written about, the comment is from a hater, and they need to go to another site.
      But I will bite…
      In most cases Microsoft opens a new (and better) service to replace it, gives the user years and a migration path to the new service, sells the service to another company, or it is no longer relevant. Zune -> Xbox Music. Messenger -> Skype. Tag -> sold. Expedia -> sold. MSN dialup -> irrelevant with broadband. MSN TV -> media center. Live photo gallery, Live Mesh, and a few others -> SkyDrive. Live Shopping -> Bing Shopping. There were a few apps, Soapbox, Popfly, and a few others that never went beyond the beta stage, but if they never were a “shipping” product, shutting them down is not the same as closing a service like Google has.
      There are a number of people who are calling for Metro and the store to be removed from Windows. Some companies such as Cisco want to force Microsoft to sell Skype. And if that were to happen, then I assume people like you would be yelling that they got rid of those services. Besides, some of the services, such as MSN music, messenger, etc. were labeled monopolistic by the community (even though competitors had those services built into the OS), so you should be happy they were closed.

  • freeman

    The real problem with this is Microsoft have once again failed to understand why many schools and universities once a mainstay for Office, exchange etc have gone Google for Education.

    Here’s what Google apps for education means to a school, no exchange server, no active directory management, no administrator, no MCSE certification, etc etc. Set up a wifi network add the children to your free Google apps for Education organisation and that’s it. $99 a chromebook, or you can use any existing windows or Mac devices just the same. No license fees for back-end servers. If you lose or break a machine no data loss just log into another and bam all your files settings apps etc just sync in. Children can just log in at home bam all their stuff is there. They can use their iPads, android tablets, phones etc. Over 95% of all devices desktop and mobile where ever they want. The live collaboration and constant backend update/saving means no loss of data and opens up group based education. All this comes with a saving of over $1000 over a 3 year period per device. No wonder 73 of the top 100 universities in the US have gone Google. All this and Microsoft’s response is we won’t give you ads in school to corrupt your children instead we will just corrupt them at home!!! This is even dumber than smoked by windows phone.

    • nohone

      You clearly haven’t a clue what you are talking about. A MSCE is not required to set up a computer network, so you are just grasping at anything to throw in there to spread FUD and make it more complicated tan it really is. Exchange its not required, as you can use to set up a custom domain, just as you can with Gmail. All that is needed is to make an MX change, just as is required with Google. Bu if you do want Exchange, you don’t need to admin one, one is provided to you with Office365. Office online apps are free to a wider range of people than Google apps are, and the full Office365 desktop apps are free for edu. Want to use a ChromeBook (snicker, ChromeBook), Mac, or PC? You can with the online apps, or the desktop apps with Mac and PC (nobody wants to use a ChromeBook, so that doesn’t count), and apps are available for Android, iPhone/iPad, or WP. And with WP it is built in, so no admin needed for support. No servers to admin, no expensive backend servers. O install the desktop apps, you go to, enter your user/pass, click install, and wait about 2 minutes.
      So with Office365 you get so much more for free, a better suite of apps that businesses use (it is called training for a job, you know, the purpose of school), with no more complexity – and sometimes less – than what is offered by Google. And contrary to what you may think, yes, there are schools and businesses trying out Google, but they usually switch right back. So you can keep pretending that all that stuff you claim is necessary, or you can actually learn the truth rather then lying to scare people away from Microsoft.

  • NegLewis

    MS doesn’t realize it yet but THAT scenario was written and played many times in the past: see Mac vs PC.

    MS makes fairly good “ads” with “Don’t get Scroogled” but THEY are the NERDS even here – IN THEIR ADS and they are paying the $ and the price for running it.

    MS needs something else to show that THEY are the new cool guy… Forget Google.
    Let Joe Belfiore make those ads. Or Ben.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Google is an advertisement company, that’s what they do, that’s what they sell, Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive, Linux-Android and more than a 100 other free Cloud-apps are just ways to make profit of advertisements, we know this, and we’re oké with seeing an ad or 2 for these awesome services, the same reason I’m happy to see ads on Bing for Windows 8.1 (Blue), awesome services made free through ads.