New Microsoft Windows 8 video says it is All About Apps

Microsoft have posted a new promotional video for Windows 8, which, while it is titled all about Apps, seems to be focussing on OS features such as Search across apps, IE10 and the People Hub.

When an app does actually gets show it is Kayak, which is not the highest profile app in the store.

What do our readers think of this new video? Let us know below.


  • tN0

    I hate it when they fake the UI and can’t even get the animations right. They don’t show the actual product which they want to sell. Ridicules.

  • CODE

    wait….0:06 what?
    picture behind password prompt screen?

  • Clyde Price

    You didnt know you can put a picture there? I have my daughter’s pic there and it’s a swipe/gesture password there.

    • COD

      you mean picture password?
      I know picture password but it isn’t that in the video….

    • Beezer

      Gesture/picture password is one thing. Typing in your password with a background displayed is another thing. Which as far as I can tell, is not an option.

  • Beezer

    Windows 8 has a nice UI and good options, but this video is purely lying in parts of it.