New Office 2013 Web Apps Are Now Live On Microsoft SkyDrive

Back in July, Microsoft announced the upcoming update for Office Web Apps as part of Office 2013 refresh. Microsoft later released a preview of Office 2013 Web Apps in SkyDrive for users to try the apps and provide feedback. Today, Office 2013 Web Apps are now live in SkyDrive and all the users will be able to create a new Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files using the latest updated apps. You can read the full list of features that are part of this release here.

You can see a preview of Office Web Apps in the video below,

  • guesttt999

    Office 2013 on SkyDrive is rock solid! Office service for SharePoint and Office 2013 for Windows 8 will help boost Windows 8!

  • Михаил Кутьин

    Too bad I no longer use Skydrive. I don’t want to get my entire account suspended because of some stupid automated scanner considering some file in my private folder violates TOS.

    • mikelo90

      just don’t put porn on it

      • Travis Brown

        I uploaded beach photos to my SkyDrive and received a warning when I tried to access them on another laptop. While I love the capabilities of SkyDrive, this makes me consider alternatives.

      • Михаил Кутьин

        Well, the latest story about suspending a person’s account didn’t have any porn. So I guess no one is safe, until Microsoft change their rules and make private folders really private. Or at least provide some guarantee that no matter what file it may find, it may never disable entire account, with all my e-mail messages, game achievements, store purchases, etc., etc.

  • wp77

    Love MS and Skydrive. 2013 is going to be their year!