New Patent Application From Microsoft Reveals Info About Its Augmented Reality Glasses Plans

In a new patent application published by Microsoft, Microsoft describes the Augmented Reality Glasses. Recently, Google demoed its Project Glass which has similar functionality where the information will be overlayed on the user’s view through glasses. Microsoft’s vision is kind of little different from Google’s. Read the description below,

A computer implemented method providing supplemental information to a user with a head mounted display viewing a live event, comprising: receiving an indication that a user is attending a live event, the live event having an event duration; determining a field of view of the user through the head mounted display, and objects within the field of view at the live event; retrieving supplemental information describing at least the objects in the field of view of the user during a portion of the live event; determining elements of said supplemental information to present to the user in the head mounted display; and displaying the supplemental information in one or more display elements in the head mounted display.

Read more about it at unwiredview.

  • techblogger

    That might be awesome. Lets see whats up with this.

  • Cave Johnson

    Fortaleza’s going to be so great. Given that the Lumia 920 supports Bluetooth 4.0’s Personal Area Networking profile for wearable computers, MicroKia’s really pushing me towards their ecosystem. Google has really compelling work in Wearables, though, so I suppose we just need to see who can deliver. If Google Now is mature by the time Glass rolls around, I might just hook in to the botnet.