New Patent Reveals The Probable Design Of Nokia Tablet’s Apparatus Cover With Keyboard

Nokia-tablet-keyboard-cover1 Nokia-tablet-keyboard-cover-2

Nokia is working on a Windows tablet and it was reported to have Asus Vivo Tab style keyboard dock/cover. Here is the information we about it.

The 10.1 inch tablet will have USB and HDMI-out, and also cellular connectivity, with 10 hours battery life which can  be fast-charged to 50% in a short period.

The real innovation however will come from the accompanying cover, which The Verge noted will snap in place and will double battery life, provide a keyboard and also a kickstand for the tablet.

The cover will also provide two USB ports. While the cover sounds rather fantastical, it is of note that the Asus Vivotab RT (pictured above) provides a “cover” with very similar functionality, and which effectively turns the Vivotab into a laptop. Given that Nokia cover also includes a battery and keyboard it is difficult to see how it could have a much different design.

Now, a new Nokia patent application reveals a keyboard cover design for a tablet. I think it validates the previous report described above.


An apparatus including a first section having a display; and a second section movably connected to the first section. The second section forms a cover for the display. The cover has a first portion and a second portion movably connected to the first portion. The first and second portions are configured to cover different portions of a front of the display. The second portion is pivotably connected to the first section by the first portion. The second portion has a keyboard thereon.

via: unwiredview Source: USPTO

  • Prodigy1

    To be honest, if Nokia patents something, it is not automatically “probable” that they will release something mentioned in the patent.

  • Kitab

    The Abstract sounds like the Surface specs.

  • disqustingtard

    And it includes a stylus.

    “In this embodiment the end 44 has a receiving space or slot 48 which is sized and shaped to removably receive a stylus 50. However, in an alternate embodiment the stylus 50 and the receiving space 48 might not be provided.”

  • Zicoz

    The “supercharge” Points heavily towards it being qualcom based right?

  • J A

    Hardware innovations like this is what other OEMs should be doing instead of looking for ways to customize software, an area outside of their strengths. Good job Nokia.