New Running On IE10 Shows The Power Of The Web

Pulse, one of the famous news reader apps available across multiple mobile platforms today launched their web version. Microsoft worked with the Pulse team to optimize their new web experience on IE10. The end result is kind of amazing that really showcases the power of the web. The whole site is hardware accelerated with support for touch gestures as well.

Pinching the Pulse home screen will result in the entire page resizing fluidly to add content. A “stick-to-your-finger” experience with every swipe, loading the next news article in the queue. Additionally, on touch PCs and tablets, IE10 allows a two finger side-swipe to bring your reading pane into view, giving Pulse users an easy and fluid access to the content they care about (something their app doesn’t even do).

Read more about it here and here.  Also check out their interview with Robert Scoble in which they share their experience about building this web version and followed by a demo on Windows 8 machine.


  • arorak

    Now if they just feel bad about how poor their app is on windows phone and work on it. It sucks big time compared to what they have on iOS and android. They never updated their app. Shame.

  • Bugbog

    I Normally frown upon the sort of statement I’m about to make, but: the Indian Creator with his accent (which there is NOTHING wrong with) presents himself more clearly and articulately than the [irritating] interviewer! He just brought the whole level of the [interesting] piece Down!

  • Maglev Yerov

    Amazing. Did Scoble just get impressed by something from Microsoft?! I find it funny that he didn’t know about these IE features, as plugged in as he’s known to be where tech is concerned. Kinda proves how biased he is about anything Redmond.