New Re-desgined Calendar Experience For Coming This Week

New Calendar Outlook App

Microsoft today revealed the upcoming new re-designed calendar experience for users. This new calendar experience will be rolling out this week to all the users. The new calendar service is faster than ever, helps you focus on the events and appointments and tasks you’ve added, and lets you take your calendar with you on any device.

  • It features the new modern design with the philosophy of contents over chrome.
  • You can add or edit events with a single click, enter an event by simply dragging your mouse across the time or date range you need, add tasks without opening a new page, and jump to a particular day simply by clicking the date.
  • uses Exchange ActiveSync to sync your mail, calendar, and address book on your smartphone, tablet, in the new Outlook 2013 and with the Mail, Calendar and People apps on your new PC or tablet running Windows 8. You can also use the Outlook connector to integrate your calendar with previous versions of the Outlook desktop software. Connecting your calendar to your mobile device is easy.
  •  You can connect your Microsoft account to services like Skype, LinkedIn, and Facebook to see your friends’ birthdays added to the calendar automatically from those services.

Read more at the link below.

Source: Outlook

  • seb


  • fwaits

    Nice! I noticed the email notices for appointments changed in the past few days to a more Metro like style. I was hoping that meant the Calendar web app was changing soon.

  • Rod

    I have both a and an email address for home and business. My WP8 and Win8Pro PC are able to sync and overlay both calendars into one combined view. The calendar is now metro, but the calendar is not. Would like to see the calendar also metro-ed. I hope that Microsoft codes the ability for all of their online calendar (email) ecosystems have the option to be combined into one view as seen in WP8 and Win8Pro.

  • pfizerdiamonds

    3 of my 4 accounts are changed over to the new metro style. As long as I can sync this to my android phone, I’ll be happy. Waiting patiently for a WP8 on Sprint.

  • sandisto

    The weather icons are a nice touch.

  • sandisto

    Some country holiday calendars don’t have any entries for 2013.

    With: Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, US

    Without: Argentina, Australia, Austria (German)…then I gave up doing the whole alphabet…also tried Canada, New Zealand, UK

    MS priorities somewhat mirror the decline of Anglo Saxon civilisation it seems…

    Try your luck at