New Report Claims Possible Surface Mini Announcement From Microsoft In June

Surface Mini Concept Render
Surface Mini Concept Render

Everyone was expecting Microsoft to announce a 8-inch version of Surface Mini before Microsoft announced 2nd gen Surface devices. There were some reports claiming that Microsoft is planning to launch Surface Mini sometime in April 2014. Today, Digitimes reported that Microsoft might announce its 8-inch Windows RT device in June during Computex event in Taiwan.

Microsoft is expected to unveil an array of new mobile devices with display sizes below 8.5-inch running on an integrated OS derived from Windows RT and Windows Phone in June, according to makers in Taiwan’s supply chain. The software vendor is expected to release the new devices at Computex Taipei 2014 to be held from June 3-7, but the information has not been confirmed by Microsoft.

Initially, Microsoft will target the 8.5-inch and below segment in the smartphone and tablet markets since the boundaries of the two sectors have become blurred and the impact on the software vendor will be less significant given Microsoft’s limited market share in the segment, said the sources. But it remains to be seen whether the integration process will also involve Windows 8 and PC products as well, noted the sources.

We might hear more about this from other sources in the coming months. Are you expecting a Surface mini from Microsoft.

Source: Digitimes

  • -7-

    10.6″ full HD quad core bay trail tablet with stylus and 18 hour battery for $350

    • alukard

      That and an 8 inch version with Integrated Wacom pen, HDMI, and USB 3

      • BChau

        And have a proper placeholder for the Wacom pen. Oh, please also add GPS and full-size USB.

  • Gert

    Release a surface 12,5-13inch. Its all the need to do.

  • 4:3 Fan

    As an iPad user, I’d like to see Microsoft mimic the physical traits of the iPad. I very much like the 4:3 aspect ratio. I prefer to use portrait orientation by default. I tried a Nexus 7 and found the small screen and narrow (16:9) aspect ratio made everything feel cramped.

    • Talys

      For portrait, 4:3 feels a lot better. However, if you use your tablet landscape, 16:9 feels more natural. Even on the iPad, I prefer landscape, because some apps like Mail just present more information that way. When watching movies, it’s no contest – 16:9 is far superior. Conversely, for eBook reading, 4:3 is infinitely better, particularly for magazines.
      Finally, when using a kickstand or kickstand-like device (like case), landscape is generally more useful, in my opinion.
      I wouldn’t mind some 4:3 Windows tablets, though!

    • alukard

      Actually the Dell venue 8 pro is the perfect balance of 16:9 and portrait. In portrait its not long and heavy, you can read in that book format perfectly (I read comics that way) and when you want landscape for films, it does it right.
      I used to think the 4:3 was the way to go, but now I’ve seen 16:9 can be done right without compromise. I suggest you try it out.

  • RWalrond

    Microsoft, please don’t waste your time unless this thing has a Wacom digitizer. There are a tone of media tablets already out there that pretty much do the same thing.

    • tkadrum

      There are other windows users would very much like this mini surface, instead of the current surface. basically for the same functionality, but smaller and lighter on the wrist. Not everyone require the use of wacom digitizer/pen.

  • NegLewis

    MS Needs to Release a 6-7-8″ 4 Core W8 Tablet (ARM + x64) + 32GB SSD + 128GB cheap flash + 200 GB Free OneDrive Storage + HDMI + 2 + 1 USB3, SD, 3G, WiFi.
    Slim and Surface + $399 and people will buy like crazy…

    • Chris_Kez

      If they could somehow engineer such a product, they would lose money on every sale and further damage their relationship with their OEM partners.