New Report: Microsoft Is Working On A Health Wearable, But Launch Is Still Months Away

Microsoft Smart Watch


Based on previous reports, we already know that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch. The smartwatch will work with iPhones, Android and Windows devices. Forbes reported that it will continuously measure heart rate through the day and night and will offer up to two days of battery life. Today, Venturebeat confirmed that the rumors and report from Forbes are true based on their sources. Venturebeat also reports that Microsoft’s HealthVault will become a key offering the upcoming Microsoft wearable product. Microsoft HealthVault helps you gather, store, use, and share health information for you and your family. Hundreds of apps and services can share the health related data directly to HealthVault. They also added that Microsoft is still months away from releasing its health wearable.

Hopefully, Microsoft will release it before the end of this year!

Source: Venturebeat


  • Drewidian

    Microsoft should make tie this into Fitness apps on Xbox One and make the data accessible in their entire ecosystem as well as partnering with a national gym chain to form classes where a fitness trainer can assist in analyzing the routine and offer pointers. They could offer classes that could work around your schedule. They could even do a deal where if you agree to a gym membership or sign up for 2 classes, you get a subsidized Xbox One for $149 so you can join the classes from home. They could even have package deals where if more than two people sign up, they get an additional class free and they could have a group Skype session to work out together. My friend has 3 sisters spread across the country and would love to work out together for reinforcement.

    Everyone wins. People get to train/sign up for classes when they want to, have an Xbox One, and workout with Friends/relatives via Skype and workout in the comfort of their home. Microsoft would get more people into their ecosystem and gets to push their brand to more consumers. The gym gets to push more classes to people who don’t want to workout in gyms, but can do it in the comfort of their home. They could even have Xbox Ones at the gym for individual training. Trainers can get more training sessions and even provide private lessons in the comfort of a user’s home anywhere in the world and possibly build a brand. Hopefully this is what Microsoft has in mind.

  • Sean D.

    Hard to believe Healthvault has been around since 2007. Of course that too will be ignored when the “microsoft is always behind” crew starts yapping, but still.

  • Sean D.

    Hard to believe Healthvault has been around since 2007. Of course that too will be ignored when the “microsoft is always behind” crew starts yapping, but still.

  • dev

    Oh, what a big news. Microsoft is always working on everything, but don’t expect anything to become a final product. Instead you will hear something like the product was canceled, because it overlapped with some other product that will never see the light.

    • Rikkirik

      Haha, you are a joke. Microsoft won’t be cancelling anything. Furthermore Microsoft is a lot better positioned to take advantage of the health market than Apple or Google with it’s health wearable. Reasons: 1 Microsoft already has a strong presence in the health sector. Google and Apple has almost no significant presence in the health sector. 2. Microsoft products (software, Cloud offerings, hardware etc) comply fully with the strict security and privacy requirements in the health sector. This is not the case with Apple and Google products (including their health wearables). 3. Microsoft continued it’s healthvault offering, while Google shelved theirs years ago. Microsoft even offered Google clients to cross over to Healthvault. 4. Microsoft health wearable is cross platform, those of Google and Android are not cross platform, this gives Microsoft a big edge when compared to Google’s or Apple’s health offering.
      Conclusions: 1 Microsoft is well positioned to conquer the health wearable markets. 2. Working together with health centres, hospitals, fitness centres etc will give Microsoft a greater opportunity to dominate the health wearable market.