New Report Reveals How Cortana Works In The Upcoming Windows Threshold

We already know that Microsoft is working on bringing Cortana to Windows platform. Microsoft’s Marcus Ash (Group Program Manager for Windows Phone – Cortana) and Rob Chambers (Group Program Manager, Applications and Services Group) revealed during a panel that Cortana will move beyond the phone. And a job listing from Microsoft also pointed out the same. They were looking for members to redefine the personalization experience on Windows and to help create serendipitous moments of discovery and satisfaction for the users and enable signature experiences that make Windows your indispensable companion in the real world.

Now, a new report from Neowin described how Cortana works in the internal builds of Windows 9/Threshold. Cortana is now a separate app when launched won’t take full screen. Apart from that, Cortana looks and works similar to how we have seen in Windows Phone devices.

As of right now, Cortana is an app; it’s a simple app that opens up the personal digital assistant where you can then either type in your question or ask verbally inside a smallish window. It’s not a full screen experience like you see on Windows Phone.

The app itself currently looks similar to that of Windows Phone, but takes up roughly 25% of your display with Cortana being in the center; Cortana maintains her circle shape and is animated too.

Are you looking forward to enjoy Cortana’s assistance in Windows 9?

Source: Neowin

  • Mark Gibbs

    can’t wait

  • dave

    “serendipitous moments of discovery and satisfaction”
    “enable signature experiences”
    “indispensable companion in the real world”
    why is everyone at Microsoft using this type of marketing double speak the days?

  • Drewidian

    Hopefully this will eventually run as an extensible service the way it is on WP8.1. Having it as an app is probably just a way to get it to work temporarily and then they can convert it to a service. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • otacon1k

    Being in center? For me it should be locatad in one of the corners and not disturb while working or in right charm bar. Also its good place for notificiation

    • Eduardo Del Aguila

      yep, in a semi-transparent way

  • vansour

    that will be cool

  • Serga

    Well, I can’t wait to see Cortana on my Xbox One :)

  • MoonWatcher2

    Cortana and a good looking UI for large screens and I’m in.