New Rumors About Windows 8.2 and Windows 9

Well known Russian leaker WZOR has made a number of claims regarding Windows 9 and Windows 8.1 Update 2 (or Windows 8.2). According to WZor, Windows 8.2 might be released later this year possibly in the Autumn.  Windows 8.2 is likely to be very similar to the Spring Update (Windows 8.1 Update) and may be called Windows 8.1 Update 2 (Autumn Update). This is still being debated internally at Microsoft. Part of the Autumn Update will include the Start Menu shown at Build and possibly “windowed” Metro apps.

Windows 9 is likely to contain a revamped Metro interface. The new start menu and windowed Metro apps will also be included in this update.  In the classic form the start menu will be available on devices without a touchscreen and on server systems. On systems with a touchscreen, the start button should be a different concept. Microsoft is considering making a free version of Windows 9 but a final decision has not been made on this issue.

In addition to these Microsoft is working on Windows Cloud. Myce reports:

According to WZOR there is a group working on a prototype operating system where the client software will be free to download and additional functionality requires a subscription.  The functionality to download the OS resides in the system’s BIOS. Once installed Windows Cloud requires an internet connection for full functionality. In offline mode the OS would be similar to Microsoft’s budget operating system, Windows Starter.

While these rumors are most likely accurate, keep in mind plans may change in the coming months. It appears nothing is set in stone quite yet.

via Myce

  • Jorge Luis Pagan Roque

    Does anyone know how to save metro apps to SD card? That’s all I need to have a great time with windows 8.1.

  • bricko

    Cloud based OS…? Stupidity begets more stupidity.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Windows 8.1 update one is already bad in my experience, because it focuses too much on the mouse and keyboard shortcomings and neglects the touch and stylus input which is already great on a surface and touch enabled device. Looks like windows 8.2 and 9 is even worse. From here on I think I think windows 8.1 will be remembered as. the best version. update 1 and further focusses too much on the mouse and keyboard and the only thing I can say for these users it that it makes just as much sense to just buy windows 7 and wait another 10 years.

    • tofferne

      Why, now you are free to choose. A lot of old people and people who don’t want to spend time with a computer, are able to open in desktop and use the PC like Windows 7. And you and I can choose tiles and Metro version.
      It means we all can choose what we want. In y world it’s better and better and I look forward to the next update – it works so well with WP 8 and OneDrive, a great system, and it will even be much better in the next two years.
      Sometimes I think we want computer, tablet and phones to be our new god, we sit all the time and wait for a new update and are ready to buy the newest phone or tablet tomorrow, and forget about all other important things in life.

  • Martin Spierings

    I doubt it will be called 9.0 if its only adding a secondary startmenu and adding desktop support for metro-apps. Its more likely called 8.2 (or even 8.5) than 9.

    • Someone

      Well, not 8.5. It’s the second revision to 8, not a decimal relating to linear progress towards 9. 8.9, 8.10 and 8.11 could all come before 9.