New Samsung Galaxy Tab Ad Takes On Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad And Others(Video)


Microsoft is known for their marketing videos of Surface which directly compares other competing tablets. Now, Samsung has released a video to promote its Galaxy Tab Pro tablet. It directly criticizes other competing tablets like Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad, etc,. When comparing with Apple iPad, the ad highlights that the iPad can only task, not multitask. And the display resolution of Galaxy Tab Pro is higher than that of iPad.

As for Surface, it was criticized for having a keyboard like a laptop, a battery dock like a laptop, and a mouse like a laptop! I really don’t get the point Samsung is trying to make against Surface. Surface can be used just like a Galaxy Tab Pro without any keyboard covers, mouse, etc,. Anyway, enjoy these commercials.

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Pradeep, a Computer Science & Engineering graduate.

  • Adrian Remus

    They are actually promoting the Surface.

    • pepe

      This is good news for MS, If Samsung can’t ignore the Surface It’s because sales and mindshare are increasing.

      • Bugbog

        The funniest thing is the actual use of the term “Pro” in the product! What does it do to have the ‘pro’ moniker plastered all over it?

        They’ve attached the term ‘pro’ to at least 3-6 Galaxy tablets, but I have yet to see what distinguishes them from their prior efforts.

        • XboxerOne

          That is funny, it reminds me of the Windows packaging that had all the different versions; home, student, small business, professional. Maybe this will be the Samsung strategy. :)

          • Bugbog

            It is already Google’s. Take the three-dot menu option that Microsoft placed in the bottom right-hand corner of screens on WP7/8, then look what Google did when it hijacked it!

  • saqrkh

    Lol they couldn’t dinge Surface to multitasking and its proper browser, so they decided to fabricate a flaw. Losers.

    • Abdul9

      That cracked me up. They decided to turn a very big pro to a contra, only an idiot will fall for that. Oh sorry i forgot that many consumers now adays are idiots (sorry to say this but its the truth).

      • efjay

        Yep, definitely true.

      • Guest

        Why are consumer idiots? Because they select different products then you? They have different use cases then you?

        Your showing a very adolescent attitude about how decisions are made in the market place. It appears you are “projecting”.

        • jaylyric

          No. Many people just fall for just about anything. Most people out there don’t really educate themselves on things. A lot just get something because they see the majority of people with them. In other words,If I walked into a place and see that most of the people have a Galaxy S4,I’m going to think that it must be good. (Of course that doesn’t hold tire for me),but it holds true for a lot of people. I worked in consumer electronics retail for several years. They also buy because the salesman talk them into things mostly by opinion.

          • Sean D.

            Been saying almost this exact same thing for years now.

          • jaylyric

            Been meaning to reply to your comment. It would appear that a few of us get it. Nice to have you on the team.. lol

          • Guest

            It is this fiction urge to see “Teams” that could your thinking. It encourages a victim mentality and the need to prove “right” over rationality. It is illogical and distructive thinking that leave you to be a sad and isolated.

          • HTk_Joe

            It is this disrespectful attitude that produce crap products like kin, Zune, Windows8, Vista of the Ballmer years while so call fans of MS blame customers for seeing the product as not worthy.

            The shame is if your really a Microsoft fan then demand more of the company and make fewer excuses for it failures. Starts by respecting the customer.

            Starting to see your argument is a good one if your talking about yourself.

          • jaylyric

            Your ignorance is disrespectful. Every company produces products that people may not like. It’s just natural that you can’t please everyone. There are millions of people who love or loved every product that you’ve mentioned. Just as there are many who may love products such as the 5C and Galaxy Gear for example,yet their sales have been underwhelming. If Microsoft isn’t listening then the changes in Windows 8.1 and upcoming changes to Windows and Windows Phone would not be. These products are fantastic and far better than the competition,however everyone will have their own opinions. Doesn’t take away from the fact that many people choose a product based upon what they see others choose. Like I said I have experience with this coming from retail sales. That’s not to say that nobody choses those products because fit for them. Stop it with the retarded fan shit. I happen to own products by Microsoft,Apple and Samsung. Do you?

          • HTk_Joe

            The depth of emotion your post illustrates and unhealthy bias that only seen in destructive fans that put personal value on the products they select. They become unhinged when logic tempers the conversation; it result them name calling and declaring antadotal experience to be evidence of quantitative proof. Sad and ultimately, like a jilted ex boyfriend, destructive to the entity the proclaim to love.

            BTW- no “millions” loved the Kin…

          • jaylyric

            I will agree with you on the part about the Kin lol.. As far the rest. Like I’ve previously stated. I’ve experienced it first hand,so I speak from experience with facts. I also use products from Microsoft and Apple everyday. (The Samsung products are in a drawer). Where do you get your facts? Please enlighten me. If you need further evidence to prove what you seem to think is my ignorance. Take a walk into your local wireless store and ask for a Windows Phone or tab,or maybe a Blackberry device. Heck you don’t even have to ask for any of those, just tell them that you had an old flip,phone and are looking to get a new high end smartphone. They’ll take it from there. Then my “facts” will be proven. At least some of them. As for your hypothesis as to why my tone is the way you interpret it l,you’re reading a little bit too much into it.

          • HTk_Joe

            Again your looking to place blame on outside factors of product failure that primarily the result in poor decisions of the company that left the product to be wanting.

            I can only assume your referring to WP poor sales being a result of Wireless Companies and/or their sales people; this is simply wrong.

            WP failure as product is the result of being late to the market, sacrificing share, distribution and network effect. Three important attributes, as important as build quality and price, a products needs.

            Being late to the market kills otherwise good products. This is managements failure NOT because customers, or any other external excuses, lack of intelligence.

          • jaylyric

            Again you couldn’t be more wrong. While being late to the market can have a detrimental effect on the success of a product,it doesn’t always hold true. I’d give you some examples but,that would require too much typing. But you could probably think about various products and services and see for yourself. I do believe that a lot of what you stated has had an effect on Windows Phone thus far and combine those with what I’ve previously stated. When you combine all of those things together,then you get the picture. Not Microsoft making products that people don’t want.

          • HTk_Joe

            A statement such as “there is a lot of people want a Window Phone” is a falsehood proven statistically with a 3% market share that is not growing. With that statement all following statements has no validity.

            A few people want a cheap smartphone which happens to be Windows Phones made by Nokia but that is not the same.

            You have an opportunity to learn here, try being less committed to your biases and you just may, my friend.

          • jaylyric

            I don’t think you can get any more ignorant from the truth man. WP is the fastest growing OS out there,and is ahead of IOS in over 25 counties. It lags in the US obviously,but it held steady in the last quarter,while IOS went down and Android didn’t move much. Go go some research before you make your comments.

          • HTk_Joe

            Under 4% market share and stalling. But go ahead and bend numbers any way that makes you feel better, but it still illusion of growth.

            Fact is Window Mobile historic marketshare is still over 3 times greater then WP8. This means microsoft has yet to see growth in their Mobile Strategy their still trying to recover what has been lost.

          • jaylyric

            Ok sir.. You obviously get your facts from some credible sources from another planet. You are so right with your stats. I’m done.

          • HTk_Joe

            Good catch, I was mistaken regarding my stats. Windows Mobile OS had TEN TIMES more category market share in 2007 as WP8 has of last quarter.

            Thank you for the help in solidifying the point I was enlightening you on.

          • Sean D.

            Correction: no “millions” BOUGHT the Kin.

          • HTk_Joe

            You are correct my friend but through the Transitive Property of Equality so am I :)

          • jaylyric


        • GG002

          Logging in as Guest and not standing for your opinion is even more “adolescent attitude-y”. Fact is that the Galaxy Pro series is scoring poorly with a lot of reviewers due to terrible battery life and enormously laggy (and gimmicky) multitasking. The multitasking is just part of an Android overlay, thus not native, hence very inefficient.

          • HTk_Joe

            While I would agree with your assessment of the Galaxy product, this does not mean other would find those items to be weaknesses. Most people are not as concern about such things. They simple have other priorities that may be different then yours or mine. It does not make them unintelligent to assume so is just that for the person making the assumption.

          • Guest

            And yet I struggle to define you as Mahatma Gandhi or MLK as you go by a few consonants and numbers. It not like you are putting your blood on the tracks. 8-D

        • Duk3togo

          Actually while you have a point, he too has one. Unless you’re an app junkie what does the iPad really has over Surface or the tab? Nothing, while Sammy does have W8 tablets their Android one is not much better than the iPad except in features. Google docs is Childs play compared to office in business and in educational usage. Specs are nice but useless when it comes to real uses.

          • Guest

            It it all depends on the use case the customer has. Obviously the Apple product is successful at doing the job that needs done for a large numbers of individuals. Just because it is does not cover your needs it does not mean others don’t have different one that it does.

            Most people do not require “serious” spreadsheets of Excel, it is actually intelligent not to buy more product then they need.

          • HTk_Joe

            Good to see a bit of thinking here. Good post.

          • Duk3togo

            Again, the point is the Surface does everything the iPad does and much much more. There is nothing the ipad can do that the surface can not do but the other way around is not true. Like i said if you’re a app junkie then yes you are right for now.

          • Guest

            There is nothing a hammer can do that a sledgehammer can not but that does not mean the sledgehammer is a better tool at all jobs.

          • Duk3togo

            That’s true but then they only serve one purpose each (ie ipad). Now a drawer full of different hammers would benefit any job because it has all that you would need (Surface).

          • Guest

            Thanks for proving my point. For if the job required a screwdriver you sadly still try using a hammer.

            But your not alone Ballmer too made this some intellectual error for years until the Board wished up and pushed him out.

          • Duk3togo

            Funny because i see you using a screwdriver for every use while i use a Swiss army knife.

            As for Ballmer he was just slow reacting to market changes.

          • Guest

            Again you prove my point, Swiss Army Knife does no job great and a lot of jobs poorly.

            Ballmer sin was greater the just being slow, and god was he, but poor manager too; stack ranking, no succession planning, pushed out anyone that challenged him…

          • Duk3togo

            LOL the swiss army finds that it makes everything easier.

            Ballmer gad rrcord sells in his tenure at MS and yet everyone dismisses his accomplishments. In the end slowness to transition was his downfall.

          • Guest

            Maybe that is why they have declared themselves as a neutral power since 1515!

            Ballmer tenure saw record sales as a by product of milking a extend and defend strategy rather perusing future innovative products that left the company in a catch up position and mismanaging personal. The result is a significantly less influential and damaged company. But he was funnier the hell watching him dismiss competitors products and dance like a monkey on stage! And, as you stated, he was a slow thinker.

          • Duk3togo

            You just proved my point he was slow reacting to a changing market.

            Ballmer did what any CEO does with any product. Criticize, ridicule, and belittle them but instead of going full force in making sure he has a product to counter it, he moved on it to slow.

          • Guest

            Yes I agree he was a terrible manager. We can be thankful he got pushed out, just wish it was earlier.

          • Duk3togo

            Thx for being civil in the argument.

          • Guest

            Same to you mate!

          • Prayaas

            For most people out there, the Surface replaces a full PC. People can do more PC things on Surface (Not Pro) than iPad. They say PC sales are falling, thanks to tablets. That means people are trying to and are able to do most PC things on tablets.
            Surface has a desktop class browser for internet, full File Explorer, USB ports, almost all peripherals supported, Office. Does all you do on iPad and more. For apps, the web based alternatives are there, and nevertheless, its not like smartphones don’t have the same thing. Surface even plays videos in full screen 16:9 unlike iPad and the camera of 2 is unbelievably good.

        • Abdul9

          Ok i see many here have already defended me but let me give you one last task. Go ask someone that has any of these galaxies or iphones why they got them. I can tell you answers you can expect
          1. It just works (well so does a 100euro Wp)
          2. Its the best (sorry wrong its not)
          3. It has lots of features (so do cheaper smartphones out there)
          Now tell me, doesn’t any of these answer my question?
          I have a l1520 and let me tell you why i got it
          1. Offline navi (very useful cos i don’t have to wait my data to navigate and can go to Holland whenever i want without having to pay extra cash for a navi software)
          2. Bigger and clearer screen than any phone out there, at least thats the way I perceive it.
          3. Better Camera in most situations.
          4. All the Nokia extras
          5. Wp8 (Well I still find the normal Wp8 to be beta but it was very useful with the Nokia extras and with the upcoming update all my complaints will go down the drain.
          Should i continue? All I mentioned are more facts than my opinion. I have bashed MS where they deserve it ut you my friend seem to e one of those that has to bash MS no matter what they do. I made a reasonable complaint that consumers blindly buy things without even checking if they really need then or not hence making them idiots and what do you have to say?

          • HTk_Joe

            A consumer who, and they are many, does not put a high priority on minute differences in screen quality, or desire Nokia extras, or is happy with a very good camera vs the best camera and so one does not make them an idiot. They have different priority that does not match yours and they do not have a interest in getting the perfect phone.

            Yes you can list reasons why they should purchase WP just as other can list reason to purchase another and you both would be correct. This is what you fail to understand.

            Your desire to stigmatize them for making different choice speaks more of your insecurity of your choice then theirs.

      • jaylyric

        I agree with you!

  • Bugbog

    If ever there were a whimper of an ad..?

  • FreeDom

    Right… so Samsung is telling the world what Galaxy Tab can’t do compare to Surface? Is like shooting yourself in the foot.

  • nickcraze

    Wow this is a new low of pathetic advertising… I would be a Samsung user I would feel insulted as they are literally calling me stupid.

  • Eingoluq

    That ad just validates my Surface. They actually make fun of it because it looks and works like a desktop… Umm can you tab do that? No? Then be quiet.

  • donzebe

    It is nice to see another big competitor taking Microsoft Surface seriously.

    • Guest

      Now if we can only get paying customers to take the Surface seriously. :(

      • Bugbog

        I think they do.

        • Guest

          Not by sales numbers :(

          • Bugbog

            And what sales number do you consider high enough for the Surface to qualify as a success? Because unless you aren’t really reading between the line the Surface has sold quite a few millions.

            Yes, it may not have sold as high (or in as much quantity) as Microsoft may have desired, but it has still sold well enough, especially from the second half of 2013.

            I would add that the Surface, collectively, has sold as well, if not better, than the Nexus 7, which is considered a sales success.

            Or is there some reason why Google devices have a lower hurdle set for being considered as successful whereas higher selling Microsoft devices/services are considered failures?

            (Case in point, Windows 8 having sold 200+ million licenses, and by all objective markers is doing quite well, but subjectively considered a failure!?)

          • Guest

            We know MSFT took a near billion write off on service, we know they targeted half a billion in marketing Surface, we know they discounted the product and we know MSFT refuses to give quantity sold number for the product. This tells us they have sold very poorly.

            I do not care about Google, or Apple or Samsung for that matter, failures. I care about MSFT and care enough to call them on their failures be it Kin, Zune, or Surface.

          • Bugbog

            I get you now. You’re one of those write-off instead of write-down, Ballmer/Kin failure types! Okay then.

          • Guest

            I do agree with you Kin was a failure, more so I agree with you, Gates and MS Board it was time for Ballmer to go.

            It good to see MS loyalist like you and I able to find agreement!

          • SategB

            I would say when they were not losing money on the product they sold we would be edging closer to a definition of success :(

            When last qtr sales generated $893 million in sale while producing $932 in expense, that is a $39 million failure.

  • jaylyric

    LMAO at this crap of a commercial!! The Surface blows away the competition in soooo many ways. The multitasking on the Galaxy Tab isn’t even guaranteed. It only works with SOME things. I wish that Microsoft jabs back and point that out,and also point out that not only does the Surface do it,it did it first and does it better. Then show the advantages that come with having the OPTIONS for adding a keyboard,dock,and mouse. Then have someone detach and walk away with just the Surface. Maybe saying that imitation is the highest form of flattery,but not if you can’t get it right. Then pointing out that having options give you less of a chance to be stuck in the middle of something important. I hate that Microsoft doesn’t get advertising right and gives the competition the opportunity to appear superior.

  • marauderz

    Yeah, using a keyboard or mouse with your tablet is a preference, and with a Surface, able to easily plug in supported USB peripherals is a place… But SERIOUSLY.. why would ANYONE lug the Desktop dock to a Starbucks? That’s really just grasping at straws!

    • marauderz

      Oh wait.. they called it a BATTERY dock, means they have no idea what it’s actually for!

  • DefinitelyAbsolute

    Microsoft shouldn’t take this lying down, don’t let Samsung distort the truth about Surface, the things that Samsung points out as negatives about Surface Microsoft needs to show how they are indeed assets compared to Samsung tab, furthermore MS should also call them out on the perceive copying of Metro UI by Samsung with its Magazine UX, they should show how they are original and Samsung Magazine UX is not genuine, position themselves as leaders. That would show Samsung MS is not backing down.

    • Sean D.

      MS will do it and get ridiculed for “attacking their competitors”. It’ll take some one, and honest person to do an actual comparison to show it. Something that can go viral like the “why I love my Surface 2″ video.
      Otherwise MS will catch hate, and the ignorance will continue to grow.

  • joe_easton3

    Really weak argument against the Surface. How is a easy to remove keyboard a negative? How is the ability to plug in a mouse a negative? Silly Sammie needs to find a better argument.
    But I would probably buy a Samsung Tab over an iPad any day.

  • poken1151

    I agree. I like Samsung stuff, don’t get me wrong, but their ding on the Surface was a sad attempt here. On the iPad, sure, but on the Surface? If only because the they are presenting it as though it needs all those things. They’re additional that the Tab also has (battery covers/docks, BT Type covers and attachments and more). So it’s like they’re promoting the Surface’s accessories.

    However, the presentation to the general consumer is still exactly as it should be for them. If one doesn’t know the details, the spin is (oh, to use a surface I need all of that? Then why don’t I buy a laptop? Oh, it looks so cumbersome? He still needs it on a table? The average consumer (and sales rep) will push it like this. ‘Nuff said. So here’s to hoping modern consumers… yea… will see…. and not follow blindly… advertising… without questioning… the product….

  • Sean D.

    Wait, so is this where everybody chimes in and says that “Samsung must feel threatened by MS that’s why they made this”…?

    Or, no… wait… is it the “I don’t think they should be making ads attacking their competitors” bullcrap?

    Either way, they spent a handful of money making themselves, and probably their customers look a bit stupid. Not for “attacking”, for misinforming. Tech ignorance has quickly become an ugly disease.

  • Guest

    The Surface – Does it feel and look like a laptop? Yes, but only if you want it to feel and look like one.

    You can even make a Surface RT / Pro look and feel like a regular PC, if you hook up a Monitor and regular Keyboard, Mouse and Printer to it.

    The big selling point of the Surface is, that you can use any accessory – even with a RT Tablet – that you want to or that’s compatible with any other regular PC – via USB or BT.
    Or just use it as a modern, fast and efficient tablet.

    A Surface is what you want it to be – Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.

    That’s unique and that’s what no other tablet can do.

    • MSphan

      Sorry there is no BIG selling point for Surface, how can there bd when they are not selling :(

  • reKitab

    Meh:) Meh:) Meh:)