New Social Enhanced Bing Is Now Live For US Account Users


Last week at Search Summit in San Francisco, Microsoft Bing announced a new version that will feature enhanced social experience during search. The enhanced new Bing is now rolling out to Bing US account users and initially people with Bing Rewards account were sent an email by Microsoft to try this stuff.

Here’s what you can do with new Bing,

For example, if you’re searching for diving spots in Hawaii, you might see a friend who lived in Hawaii, your sister who shared photos from her honeymoon in Hawaii, and a buddy who “likes” a restaurant in Hawaii. You can then ask them for recommendations right from Bing.

You may not always see friends you expect to show up for a number of reasons. Bing uses public Facebook information and content you’ve given Bing permission to use, such as friends’ photos on Facebook. We won’t match friends based on other Facebook content such as status updates or check-ins. Bing also respects you and your friends’ privacy settings so you won’t see friends who have opted out of Facebook instant personalization or blocked the Bing app.

Try out yourself at

Read more at Bing blog.

  • Johan Nilsson

    I live in Sweden and Im tired of all this waiting and not being able to try the new stuff. Is there no way for me to join the Bing Rewards system?

    Stop this US-only-release nonsense or at least give european powerusers a chance to test new stuff. :(

    • Sergio Gonzalez

      Exactly, Google will always have the edge if they don’t do something for worldwide users.

  • Diego

    Stop this US-only-release!!!

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