New Start Button Screenshot, Disable “Hot Corners,” Boot To Desktop, Shutdown From Start Button In Windows 8.1

Microsoft released Windows Server (“Blue”) preview to MSDN subscribers late yesterday, ahead of the BUILD (#bldwin) conference later this week in San Francisco. The build provides us a number of clues as to what we will see in the official Windows 8.1 (Blue) preview. The server build number is 9341, the windows 8.1 preview build will be: 6.3.9431.winmain_bluemp.130615-1214.

Shutdown from “power menu” by right clicking on Start Button or hitting win key + X



Start Button in Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview, should look virtually the same in the Windows 8.1 Preview


Start Button options including disabling ‘hot corners,’ and booting to desktop


Source: Microsoft-News

Image Credits: Robert McLaws

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    Liking this a lot! As a system administrator, I like the little extras MS is putting into Windows 8.1.

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