New Surface Ad From Microsoft, One Device For Everything In Your Life


Microsoft is releasing their next generation Surface devices Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 next month. Recently during the Reddit AmA session, Microsoft commented the following regarding the criticisms on their  ads for Surface devices.

Definitely true – some people love our ads, and some people really don’t like them.  Our new ads will launch shortly and highlight some of the great ways people love to use Surface.  We hope you like them! Our original ads were meant to drive breakthrough for a new brand.  We did hear the feedback and you will see our new campaign shortly – it shows some of the favorite ways our customers use Surface today.

I guess the above one is the first of many videos that are going to be released by Microsoft. As you can watch above, the new ad focuses on the device itself, how people can use it for both work and play, etc,. The ad ends with a familiar tagline, One Device For Everything In Your Life.

What do you think of this ad?

via: @tomwarren

  • The1nChicago

    Was it my PC or was this ad too dark? I guess it’s ok but they needed to show some kids paying games as well.

  • David van der Zande

    Way better. I think this ad finally shows the unique feautures of the Surface. I don’t really like the voice, but maybe that’s because I’m Dutch.

    • Yuan Taizong

      I have the same, also Dutch, but that might be unrelated to our dislike of his voice, on R.T.L. 4 they once did a study that younger people (under 65) prefer female voices over male, and older generations have the oppostite, of-course, this is the internet, so I can’t tell your age…

      • PoohGQ

        Oh! I thought you Chinese the whole time! :)
        I find any IVR system with a male voice to be annoying; same applies to certain ads. I can’t didn’t pay any mind to his voice, however, as I was concentrating on the device itself.

  • Mikado_Wu

    Did the Surface 2 (RT) get a Digitizer like the Pro?

    • Duk3togo

      I was wondering the same thing. Since when did the surface 2 get the digital stylus??

    • Eolirin

      No. You’ll note that the Surface being used with the stylus is black; that’s a Pro 2.

      • Allan Cantillo

        No, and I don’t understand why they did not added to the Surface 2, that would be a sells pusher. But for this RT version, opportunity missed

  • Bas

    I like it. I did not dislike the previous commercials, and understand they had to put the brand in the market. I do very much like the fact that we are moving on and start focusing on the device. It is a great device. The commercial starts to look like how I use it, and I think it is a great device. For me, it works seamlessly from entertainment on the train, slotting into my corporate environment, everything in the cloud, bringing documents into meetings on the surface, making notes on onenote, continuing working on the train back, and sitting on the couch using it as a video remote on my xbox (I have movies on my desktop pc, which stream via the surface, and play to, onto my xbox – works flawlessly).
    Given that it is devices and services, I hope they will also show how freaking useful Skydrive and Skype (Lync) integration is when combined with Office 365 (and if you’re lucky, Yammer at your office) on the Surface.

    • PoohGQ

      Thank you! I appreciate that you were able to describe what I’ve been trying to say for months now! Surface is really quite usable even without the Pro version.
      With the almost all control functions moving over to Modern UI, Surface 2 will be my ultimate mobile device and I will probably finally leave my laptop at home or in the car (when I drive) to appointments.

  • DarkMatterNic

    Nice! Much better than basing on the competition. On an unrelated note, I’m getting a bit tired of not seeing regular overweight or not so great looking people on all commercials. We’re not all that perfect. Not referring to this commercial specifically, but to all of them. The only way you’ll see a fat, short or ugly person is when they’re representing a looser or a sickness, and that’s pretty damn sad.

    • Asymgo
      • nohone

        Another useless comment from another useless troll

        • Asymgo

          Sorry my mistake…Ballmer is not short…fat yes, sweaty very very sweaty

          • nohone

            Wow, you are a pathetic and sad excuse for a human being. If I and the others here were as shallow as you are, we could make any number of comments about Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, or Linus Torvalds, their physical attributes and personality traits. But unlike you, we are not shit stains on the underwear of humanity.

          • Smart&Sexy

            You must be fat and sweaty too!

            Here is a hint eat less, exercise more

          • nohone

            Actually, I am 6′ 5″, and weigh 190. I either run 5 miles
            per day or bike 50, I lift weights every day, and I am a vegan.

I just don’t like people using physical attributes as an attack towards others, it shows just how low and pathetic those people are. Size, shape, race, sex – you may like to use those to attack others and make yourself feel better, but I find it disgusting. And in my experience, those who use words such as smart or sexy to describe themselves, are neither and are just overcompensating to try to use the anonymity of the internet to pretend they are someone they are not.

          • Smart&Sexy

            6’5 @190 anorexic or living in the 3rd world with flys walking on your eyelids!

            Either way eat some meat…it may even help your thinking

          • ron

            Smart and sexy was never a good combination

          • grs_dev

            It’s funny you say that. Michael Jordan during his peak years weighed in at 196 and of course he’s 6’6 and carried less than 3% fat on his body. I think you might want to rethink your standards for healthy vs. starved.

      • PoohGQ


  • Willem Evenhuis

    Link to the add isn’t working. Can’t find it on youtube as well. Is it pulled?

    • Zicoz

      Works for me at least.

    • Yuan Taizong
      • Willem Evenhuis

        Thanks works now. Features come out better indeed. Only thing missing that immediately crossed my mind was portrait mode.

  • HighDefJunkies

    Much, much better. I wish they had this last gen instead the dancing crap.

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is a really good commercial, I really hope that the Surface 2 will take off.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Although I’m really wondering what Samsung/Anycall (ATIV) and Lenovo (Yoga) will answer to this, also they’re running Windows 8 at the same price-level so it might get interesting.

  • Allan Cantillo

    Let the Windows 8.1 devices war begin!
    The ecosystem is the winner at the end, and of course the users.

  • MicroSam

    So once device for everything in your life but the last scene shows the woman needing to use her phone for hotspot internet!!!!!

    Once again the marketing department fails to deliver a consistent message.

    Wish the whole department would leave with Ballmer 8-(

    • nickcraze

      I don’t understand why using your phone wouldn’t be the logical solution instead of paying for a second data plan. this is perfect marketing because it shows you don’t need anything else with your purchase.

      • MicroSam

        Yes but the tag line is “One Device for Everything in Your Life” then showing she needs two. It sends a incongruent message- major fail.

        • wp77

          No, she is a smart consumer by using her phone plan. Just like I do. But hey, go get 2 plans if you need that. 😉

        • grs_dev

          2 weeks ago I was traveling on business. I had my Nokia Lumia 1020 with me and my Windows 8 tablet. For conference calls and meetings using Lync the tablet provided me by far the more superior experience.

          I dread taking conf. call on my cell phone during high pressure situations. Even though my phone allows me to surf the internet at a fairly good speed and open office docs, the tablet is by far a lost more pleasant to use for productive meetings and conference calls in my opinion.

          I use a wired headset on both the tablet and the phone so that part of the experience is the same.

          So yeah the one device that I would choose to take into the boardroom with me would be a Windows 8 tablet not a phone. The phone is merely there as a utility to provide the user with data connection so you nothing more nothing less…

    • Albert

      Here in Thailand there are thousand of Wi-Fi hotspots for $4 dollars a month I can access my mobile network Wi-Fi hotspots with unlimited data from most shopping centers. have been using my Surface RT like this for the last 9 months.

      • Guest

        So your the one bought a Surface RT.

        MSFT been looking for you, they want to give your money back 😉

    • SategB

      Very good point. Thought maybe I was the only one who noticed.

      At lest there is no angry school girls jumping around as if they are suffering from an inflamed yeast infection

    • MindHead

      Not doubting your analysis, but can you please show how a phone that is off is on the table is being used as a hotspot, rather than opening a dedicated app that maybe using the camera rather than GPS?
      Just wondering how you came to the conclusion of hotspot without explicit details being mentioned.

  • tropolite

    Great ad… make sure it gets out of the US borders and into some others too… Australia for one… to date I have seen 2 ads for Surface way back, and maybe a count of 6 repeats of Lumia handsets.
    I don’t regard that as an advertising ‘campaign’

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  • abacusguy

    Finally emphasizes differentiation over “we are also cool.”