New Surface Ad Slams iPad Again

Microsoft has posted a new commercial on their official youtube account directly comparing the SurfaceRT to the iPad again.  The new commercial is similar to the ad released a few weeks back, but reflects the new $350 price of the SurfaceRT.  Microsoft recently took a $900 million charge related to lowering the price of the SurfaceRT and inventory adjustments on associated accessories.

The ad continues the theme of showing how versatile the SurfaceRT is compared to the iPad.  Look for this commercial on a tv screen near you.  Personally, I’m quite enjoying these ads and I think the message will get through to the average consumer.

Source: Frank Shaw

  • Pookiewood

    These are good commercials! Straight to the point!

  • grs_dev

    I wonder how many iPad users really care about having a USB port?

    • auziez

      Well, i wonder how many ipad users thought it would be possible to have on a tablet?

      • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

        Lotta people assume that it has but they really dont know.

      • grs_dev

        The fact that it’s selling as well as it has been says that the average user out there, doesn’t care about USB ports on a tablet.

        Numbers don’t lie…

  • Bobby Vulture

    It reminds me the old ads “Hello i’m a PC, hello, I’m a MAC” but in this case, the cool guy is not the MAC anymore…

    • SegatB

      But this case it would be PC would be 5 dancing school girls while the Mac is scratching his head trying to figure out why the little twerps are so angry and what it has to do with technology.

  • Bugbog

    I don’t believe I know anyone (or even read about anyone) that consider buying an iPad without an automatic consideration to purchase an accompanying case, which adds about an additional 1/3 in weight!

    No such requirement for the Surface!

    • Duel

      Requirements? Its no requirements. What you mean by that? I know 6 people who own iPad, two of them have case, both are iPad mini owners. I dont know anyone who have full size iPad and have case.

  • Duel

    Microsoft, how these lame ads working for you… :) 1 billion fail, well done.

    Just think if Apple want to do same kind of ads, they could show so much cool stuffs what iPad can do and what surface cant with all the geat apps and gadgets out there.

    • Yuan Taizong

      L.O.L. 3rd party, because Microsoft makes awesome services themselves, while Apple is 100% dependent on others.

      • Duel

        Like what? :)

        • nohone

          Microsoft created Azure, which Apple used to host their iCloud service. Apple buys companies to acquire the tech that they cannot build themselves. They recently bought Locationary to boost their pathetic maps offering – and immediately shut down the Windows Phone app Locationary was building (scared of competition much?). Apple uses TomTom to build their maps app, I have a TomTom GPS device and it is good, but somehow Apple managed to royally screw up using a good service. Apple is not even confident enough in their own OS to serve as a mission critical OS, they look to Windows and other server OSes rather than using OSX Server. And what little they do use OSX Server for ( you cannot log into, and has been for a while.

    • nohone

      How did the lame “I’m a Mac” ads work out? After 30 years, after a huge media blitz, Mac market share has been stagnant for decades. What Apple did in 30 years, Microsoft was able to achieve in a few months (~7% of the market). Apple showing their incompetence once again.

      I thought you wrote once that nobody cares about plugging in other devices into their Surface, and so the USB port was useless. But here, you are proclaiming that being able to plug in a limited number of gadgets is a good thing. Which is it, a good thing or bad? And for the apps, I have multi-millions of unrestricted apps I can run on my Surface. But the iPad, a limited device in what you can do, once again.

      • Duel

        Macs only coming from one company also macs are more expensive than other computers. Its same like android vs iPhone. End of the day you cant win if the competition is making as much as possible sells. Apple doesnt want to give their OS for others clearly. So they cant win market share competition.

        Pluggin devices? Windows users havent heard wifi? Bluetooth 4? Airplay? Guess not because you still think we are using wires…

        Yes its good!

        By the way dont mix windows surface pro with this, we are talking about RT.

        • kalval

          Windows has these wireless technologies too. But until you can get a Bluetooth USB stick (still useless because then it won’t work with a lot of computers), and until printers, scanners, mouses, hard drives, etc ALL work via Bluetooth, then a USB port is a necessary thing. And don’t even get me started on trying to share files between devices with the ipad, whether it be via portable hard drive or network sharing, the ipad just can’t do it.

          It’s all well and good that I can buy a printer with wifi support, but my tablet is portable. That means it is going to go places I cannot take my printer. However there will often be other printers at those places. These all work flawlessly on my surface rt via its USB port where an ipad couldn’t dream of connecting.

        • nohone

          Back to that tired old argument, eh? All it means is that people choose what they like, and a majority of people choose something other than Apple. Be it phones, computers, or tablets. Of course, when Apple was on the top of the charts for phones, then people like you claimed that people wanted their phone because they were supposedly the best. But when people choose something else, it is excuse after excuse.

          As for your pluggable device list, Win8/RT has WiFi. Win8/RT has Bluetooth. No, Win8/RT does not have the proprietary Airplay, but it does have industry standards such as WiDi, DLNA, and UPnP, which are open to anybody to use and implement. Win8/RT also has the ability to connect to thousands of printers, wired or wireless, while iOS can only connect to a couple that support the proprietary AirPrint. I would need to buy a new printer to print from my iPad, with Win8/RT, I just entered the name of the printer, and started printing. No extra $$$ for a new printer, no searching the internet for one that worked with my device, I just used the one I already had.

          But then when I have some device that is wired – a USB drive, a printer that is not wireless, keyboards, mice and literally millions of other devices, but in your eyes then those don’t matter – even though Apple has tried to build an ecosystem around a proprietary connector that they can change on a whim and screw users who owned older devices. Right now, I am even charging my iPod off of my Surface RT. Once again, Apple relegated to second class status by a Microsoft product.

        • nohone

          Two other things:

          1) There you are with your usual whining and stomping your feet about people getting off topic. But then again, nowhere in the article was there any mention of iPhone nor Android, but you felt it was OK to talk about them. The article is about WinRT, stay on topic.

          2) I love how you, in one argument, state that nobody wants connectivity, and you will openly mock Microsoft’s ability to add additional devices such as the keyboard. But when the article is about how Win8/RT has exceptional device support, then you are all for it, writing about how important connectivity is, and the iPad supports connecting other devices. So which is it, it is important, or it is not? Just the usual typical Apple fanboy argument, change the story to make sure that Apple looks the best they can.

          • Duel

            “But then again, nowhere in the article was there any mention of iPhone nor Android, but you felt it was OK to talk about them. The article is about WinRT, stay on topic.”

            No it was you who started talking about macs, so yes stay on topic 😉 but i guess you had to bring that up.

      • SegatB

        The 100% growth of Mac for Apple over the last 5 yearsc, as during the same
        period, the larger PC market only grew by 18%. Therefore, Apple grew at
        more than 5 times the rate of the PC market, over the last five years;
        that’s an impressive rate of growth inside of a largely mature industry.

        So to answer your question, pretty good!

        • nohone

          Suppose I sell 1 million of something, and my competitor sells 500 (not 500 million, just 500). Then I sell 1.1 million, while my competitor sells 1,000. Well, I went up 10% while my competitor went up 50%, so that must mean that my competitor is doing better?

          Apple just announced that their PC shipments was down by 200,000. IPad shipments was down by 2.4 million. And of course this need to be spun to find some reason to make Apple look good, so the excuse is that Apple is near the end of a refresh of those products, and that accounts for the drops. Of course, the iphone is at its lifecycle, but when sales of that go up, then it is because it is a great product. If the iPad, Mac, etch are such good products, shouldn’t their sales go up, not down? Apple profits go down 22% yoy, and they are hailed as a hero, Microsoft’s profits go up 5.5 billion yoy, and they are a failure. When the iPhone price was dropped shortly after release, it was considered a wise move, even though Apple had to take a charge because of it. Microsoft drops the price of the SurfaceRT and takes a charge for it, and it is a sign of their failure. It is say anything to make sure Apple looks great, from comparing some percentage that hides the real numbers, to not using the same standards when comparing numbers.

          Then we have Win8 tablets which sell in the millions, the iPad sales going down by millions. Coincidence?

  • Yuan Taizong

    Whenever one of my irritating Apple-fans-Friends starts talking about ”how great Apple is”, I’ll just bring them to the nearest P.C. and show them this.

    • Duel

      And they will laugh 😀

      • nohone

        … and say “you mean I could have been using a much better computer, with a superior OS all along at a much lower price?”

  • Timucin Uzun

    good ad the most apple user maybe 50 are going with the crowd and they dont have good knowledge of technical products like women with cars xD
    Soo if microsoft is gaining more and more enthusiasm because of good ads like this slowly but surely the crowd will come to microsoft!
    BUT microsoft have to do better software jobs for rt wp8 and w8.1!

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    no mather how huge are the fact, how best other device can be, apple fan will die apple fan because this is what they are… they don’t really care, they are part of something they don’t understand.

    Just compare an HTC One to an Iphone 5, there is NOTHING that would make me buy an iphone, but again, all iphone use will tell me how wrong i am. my phone hold 2-3 day on one charge, even with wifi on and playing games. My phone have usb, my phone didn’t cost me anything, my phone offer me every application for free, my phone have a real 1080p and larger screen, my phone have decent audio, my phone can charge with a UNIVERSAL cable that cost 2$… but … they still prefer iphone.

    im not a big microsoft fan, but the surface seems to improve a lot. good to see competition.