New Surface “Power Cover” Will Have Built-In Battery

Microsoft will introduce a new cover for their Surface tablets that will include a built-in battery.  The price of the cover is unknown and availability is currently unclear and may be after the launch of the Surface 2.  The add-on will be known as the “Power Cover,” and will be compatible with the first generation Surface Pro.  The power cover in combination with the Surface 2 sporting a Haswell chip could provide all day battery life.

Thurrott provided some definitive details:

Compatibility. It will work with Surface Pro, Surface 2, and Surface Pro 2, but not the original Surface RT.

Typing experience. The Power Cover uses the same type of keyboard as the original Type Cover. That is, it is a real keyboard and not a flat Type Cover-type keyboard.

Surface charging. Like any external power supply, the Power Cover will charge the Surface while in use.

Battery charging. It charges while the Surface is charging.

Battery life. No word yet on the actual battery life gain, though I suspect it varies from device to device. My sources say that it “significantly” extends the battery life of compatible Surface devices.

Weight. 1.1 pounds (520 grams), compared to .55 pounds (250 grams) for the current-generation Type Cover. (There will be a new Type Cover. The Power Cover is a separate accessory, not a replacement for Type Cover.)

Thickness. .38 inches (9.75 mm), compared to .21 inches (5.33 mm) for today’s Type Cover.

Availability. Power Cover will ship this year, but after the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 launch.

via Neowin

  • PharoahWarrior06

    Great solution – if it adds at least 5-6 hours and reasonably priced.

    • Ocelotty1

      5-6 hours; in your dreams (and mine to be honest) , I bet it will extend my Pro’s working life between 2-3 hours tops – still better a little than none at all.

  • Guest

    The flat Type Cover-type keyboard is called “Touch Cover.”

  • chrgeorgeson

    It would be kind of cool if they just came out with a standard battery cover and not a keyboard battery cover…. I doubt it would sell all that much though.

  • MaelN

    I’d prefer they worked for a more durable touchcover with better touchpad.

  • Rishabh

    i have a feeling that nokia’s next windows rt tablet is actually surface rt 2

  • arrow2010

    Thick as a brick.

  • Albert

    I understand the pro needs the extra battery life more then the RT but why no support for RT, my RT has not left my side for the 10 months I have owned it but there has been a few times when I have had no way to charge it this cover would help.

    • Ethan

      the RT does not have the prerequisite hardware to allow charging from the keyboard, the Pro does

  • tomakali

    Sorry for the crappy edit:
    but still smart devices should depend on each other when there is a need.

  • NGM123

    Just get a Toshiba Encore instead and ditch the keypad all together, no RT BS, cheaper and better :-)