New Surface update KB 2756872 being pushed out, offering performance improvements, better battery life.

A new Surface update KB 2756872 has just popped up on one of our Surfaces, and it comes with a pretty informative change log.

The update promises improve performance, battery life  and better driver compatibility. It also promises audio improvements, which will hopefully fix the stuttering issue some Surface users have been complaining off.

In detail the Changelog reads:

KB 2756872 Improvements
This cumulative update includes the following performance and reliability improvements:

•Increased power efficiency to extend battery life
•Performance improvements in Windows 8 applications and Start screen
•Improved audio and video playback in many scenarios
•Improved application and driver compatibility with Windows 8

In our experience the update does deliver the promises performance improvements, with the Xbox Music app being a bit more responsive, scrolling being fluid and faster, and Onenote and 3rd party apps also loading faster.

Have any of our readers received this update, and have you noticed improvements? Let us know below.

  • GG002

    No such updated received yet.

    • Bugbog

      Is this report about Last Tuesday’s system update?!

      Yep! Already had this update from the 21st!

      • GG002

        No, even earlier than that! Like, WHAT!
        Last time system performance updates were announced by wmpu/ms-news was 13/11/12, but those ones were actually new.

  • techblogger

    My battery is pretty good already. But thanks just the same Microsoft.

  • markjonson

    Me either… :/

  • Bugbog

    Nothing yet. Only Defender update.

  • blackhawk556

    I hope we do get better battery life. My iPad 1 had way better battery life than my Surface does. Also, people app keeps crashing so I has to uninstall it, hopefully this fixes these small annoying things. Has anyone else had issues with their Xbox getting disconnected from WiFi when their Sirface is on the network?? Not sure if it’s surface’s fault or if it’s just a coincidence.

  • asher

    this update is old….came out on 11/3/12

  • Ludwig Hildmann

    Can you guys (or gals maybe) do me a favour? Please check in the control panel under update history if the update is listed as being installed on the 9th of November (or around that date) My surface updated today and I have seen a decent performance increase across the board but one of our other surfaces had the update installed date on the day above. It would be greatly appreciated! :)

    • planetparker

      My surface shows this update indeed installed on 9/11

    • Davey

      20th Nov for me.

  • David Overton

    This update was delivered over 3 weeks ago to my surface. It is not new at all

  • Ludwig Hildmann

    Ok thanks for the responses, I suppose this is another case of Microsoft pushing out updates to Germany (and likely the rest of the non US countries) later than the US… Its new for me though 😉

  • topper

    old news. Had mine on 10/26

  • GGlazer

    I received it on October 30th.

  • Carl Schweitzer

    My surface shows that received this update on 11/1

  • Jason

    This is an older update. Nothing to see here.

  • Ludwig Hildmann

    ok guys I guess we should remove this then considering its not news for any of you (I was so happy to have the update and share it with you… 😀 )

  • Marc Alberts

    There is a large update out there I’m getting anyway. 586.1mb. I didn’t capture the KB number, but it’s installing right now.

  • Nate

    Yeah, got this in October

  • ckeledjian

    It’s old. I got it in US on October 26th

  • blackhawk556

    I just noticed as well that this is an old update.

  • Nitesh Maharaj

    I still don’t understand why WinRT apps take so long to start up? Even if you put nothing in the app start up, it sits on the splash screen for a couple seconds. This should be instant!

    • CX1

      Happens on desktops as well. The splash screen is useless on metro apps and needs an option to disable.

  • NGM123

    Never mind this, do we get 7.8 today??????

  • Skiiddy

    Mine updated with this on 31/10/12!!