New Third Party Surface Business Accessories

The Surface team announced new third-party accessories catered specifically for businesses.  With the launch of Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, ten new accessory manufacturers have committed to satisfying the needs of business customers deploying Surface in the commercial and enterprise space.

The following are designed specifically for the Surface:


Fixed and mobile POS accessories from ArmorActive


Charging carts from Anthro


Fixed and mobile POS accessories from ArmorActive

Source: Surface Blog

  • Yuan Taizong

    Let’s be honest, the reason many people purchase iPads is because you have such a large choice in accessories.

    • Frank

      I agree with that. Accessories now motive my purchases more.

    • grs_dev

      The reason why businesses purchase iPads is because there are so many ways to ruggedize them. A Point of Sale grade PC from HP sells for $800 bucks, is bulky, requires more space for its wiring just power it on, and has multiple running fans inside the case that is prone to failure after exposure to dust and heat over time.
      An iPad costs about the same and has none of those issues

  • grs_dev

    iPads are replacing PCs in Point of Sale.

    • jimski27

      But iPads need a bridge to get data from point a to point b. Ever try running Access on an iPad. Every bit of data in the world does not need to get pushed up to some Cloud server. Windows tablets with 8″-10″ form factors are going to change the way business works. IPads were simply the prototype.

      • grs_dev

        If that’s going to happen, then it’s going to be a slow transition. Businesses who have already made the switch to the iPad are pretty much out of the market for the next 5 years. The equipment will pretty much need to be depreciated to $0 before they’ll be motivated to swap the ipad for a anything else.

    • Vincent Haakmat

      I think Surface is the new contender for POS. I need to do an install next month, and I’m glad the owner decided to give the Surface RT a chance. It will run a Citrix client to the server. Citrix has a very good RDP client for the MetroUI

      • grs_dev

        Why not build them a modern ui app?

  • Mansf

    Surface is still lacking a keybaord dock that turns the tablet into a laptop.. Although the new kick stand is a great feature, I like to use my laptop in bed; a robust keyboard dock that allows you to angle the tablet any way you want would be the a key selling point. this is really the only thing holding me back. (currently I have the Lenovo Yoga 11S)

    • Wieland

      There are several convertible concepts out there and they are all hideous. Surface features a book like experience. Thats great. So leave it alone please and just take one of the several converts all the OEMs are making. Or just take a touch notebook.

    • Vincent Haakmat

      I bought a cover for both my surface and surface pro. I forgot the manufacturer, but you can get it at amazon for very cheap. Now I can use the surface in bed, on my lap with or without keyboard. Very convenient!!

  • donzebe

    The surface and new windows tablets form factors with new price points will eventually kill the ipad as business favorite in a year or 2. If Microsoft and OEM continue making improvements.