New Tool Allows Nokia X2 Owners To Install Google Play Store And Get Access To Google Services

Nokia-X2_groupOne of the main disadvantage of buying Nokia X2 devices is that you won’t get access to Google Play Store and Google services even though they are based on AOSP. Folks at AllNokia have created a new tool that will allow Nokia X2 owners to enjoy Google Play Store on their devices.

  • Nokia X2 Tools Program allows Nokia X2 owners to install Google Play Store + Google services and also to gain Root-access. The process is very simple, you just need to connect the smartphone to PC and to run .exe file. Then press 1 to install drivers, and after that press 2 to get Google Play. If you want to get Root-access – press 4.
  • Before all actions make sure, that you are in developer mode and USB debugging is turned on. To activate the developer mode go to Settings – About phone, and tap 5 times to ‘Software version’, then go to Settings – Developer options – USB debugging.

We have not tried this tool yet. So, do it at your own risk.

Download the english version of the tool here.

  • Men’s Rights Groningen

    This was predicted since day 1, this is why no-one who cares about Microsoft thought that the nOkia X oghnes were a good idea, thankfully they’ll all become Windows Phones soon, at-least the unsold ones. 😀

  • bibleverse1

    MS needs to bring the $25.00 smartphone to the world. Unlocked equivalent of $25.00 in every market.

  • Chris Wright

    Has anyone tried this tool yet?

  • aslam pervaiz

    nokia x2 internal memory low diricat apk install to sd card plz help?

  • Himanshu Yadav

    How to install Google play store and google play services in nokia xl

  • Hossam Magdy

    I want to solve the problem of the emergence of software images in Google Play in phone Nokia X 2

  • Dex Abag

    thus rooting nokia x2 will reprogram the device?

  • Jay

    the site will lead you virus prone programs/softwares.

    • Jay

      i mean, the site will lead you to virus prone programs/softwares

  • oaght

    yea i did, while it worked though not properly but you can still download apps. ONCE YOU UPGRADE YOUR PHONE (NOKIA X2) IT CRASHES, BOOM! KEEPS SHOWING THE NOKIA LOGO TILL BATTERY RUNS DRY…

  • Markin Arroyo

    why does my loptop cant read my device(NOKIA X2)?i have already downloaded nokia-x-tool s.v.1.2.en ang tried all the steps?anyone?