New Video From Microsoft Shows How Bing Is Moving Beyond The 10 Blue Links

Microsoft Bing was started as a search engine competitor against Google and it is no longer just a search engine from Microsoft. Bing is now powering no.of apps within Microsoft and some 3rd party apps as well. Bing has now become a platform on which different kinds of apps are built. Windows 8/Windows Phone apps like News, Weather, Finance, Sports, Cooking app, Health app are powered by Bing. Beyond these apps, Bing powers Translation apps with OCR functionality, and more. Microsoft posted the above video when the announced the new logo last month. If some of you missed it, do watch it.

With Bing, search isn’t something that only happens in a box. It can happen whenever and wherever you need it.  Access the information you want from inside an app or on any device including your phone, tablet or even Xbox.

  • CRCErr0r

    Well done ad – informative and not pushy… Well done…

  • Rohit Chauhan

    Nice ad. I like bing for its visually attractive interface! :)

  • Jitesh Ghushe

    awesome ads. Bing should launch all services across all countries so that people will start using bing. A small commercial in country like India will help people know that there is another search engine called Bing.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Bing’s strenght never came from being ”a Google alternative”, it came from powering other apps, this is when Bing really took off, with Yahoo! and later Windows Phone and Windows, Bing is great for integrating in services, and Microsoft is doing the right thing bundling it with all its devices.

  • Michael O.

    Hey, at 0:24 is that a Surface (or other tablet) with Kinect sensor built in?

    • steveo99

      Looks like the Surface utilizing the proximity sensor and the recipes app.

    • Jitsin

      In the recipes app, you can use gestures to move to next step, just by using the in-built camera

  • tomakali

    Microsoft clearly US market biased now…

    In India, almost nobody know Bing.
    Microsoft should really push
    to big portals in India like,, etc

    • cybersaurusrex

      Bing has about 35% market share in the US (when you include that it powers Yahoo as well)… which is pretty amazing. I suspect that Microsoft is perfecting it in the US before they expand it everywhere.

  • neva

    I’m so happy it’s still beta in my country 😀 /s
    I use Bing since it came out and, honestly, I’ve been further to change my Search Engine to duckduckgo.
    They offer a similar experience in every country and don’t track any kind of search you make. Bing is prettier and generally provides a bit better results but I’m getting tired of not getting Bing rewards, zero page and all those other stuff that make Bing far superior to Google in US…
    I hate Google and probably will never use it has my default search engine but DuckDuckGo ( is defectively growing inside me…

  • Zicoz

    I love that Bing is starting to answer queries better then Google does, I can get fast answers to things like:

    “sylvester stallone education”

    “Time in Oslo”

    “3rd president of the USA”

    Their new “knowledge engine” or whatever it is is really starting to show in queries like this, and it to me at least shows that Apple made a good choice when moving Siri to Bing, and I can’t wait to see what Cortana will be capable of.