New Windows 8.1 “Beta Fish” Boot Screen (Screenshot)

A new screenshot has surfaced showing the boot screen likely to appear on the public preview of Windows 8.1 next week.  The ‘betta fish’ first appeared as a wallpaper in Windows 7, then a Metro version of the fish made its way to the consumer preview in Windows 8.  The fish is a Siamese fighting fish, commonly known as a ‘betta’ fish, used by Microsoft for “beta” builds of the OS.


Microsoft will unveil a preview build of Windows 8.1 at the BUILD conference next week at San Francisco.  Stay tuned to Microsoft-news for full coverage.

In Windows 7

Windows  7 Beta

In Windows 8


Source: Win8China


  • Dome

    Much Better than the Windows 8 version.

  • neva

    It’s so GAY!

  • grag

    Windows 7 Beta Fish had 7 bubbles and bubbles in Windows 8 Beta Fish shaped an 8.
    This has nothing related to 8.1. Looks fake and I don’t like it very much…

    • Mark Allen

      Nope not a fake

  • #TeamCortana

    The leakers had to ruin it with their garish watermark.