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  • Roel Janssens

    What an ugly start button … why o why …

  • http://olivermills6.wordpress.com/ Oliver

    Why is the start button overlapping the IE tab?
    If you’re gonna bring it back, at least make it look right. I don’t think it in itself looks ugly but it should permanently be visible on the desktop view if you’re gonna call in a start button.

    • stanvx

      Sure.. because it is like that in the LEAKED testing build it means it’ll be like that in 8.1 : |

    • blackjesus

      One of the behaviors is for the button to appear on mouse over like the current start screen button in Win8. It will supposedly also be able to be there permanently

  • Danny Dodge

    You can actually download that start button now

  • Sergey Durnov

    Still old vista icons, nah, thay not learning anything

    • Rico Alexander

      Has anyone gotten an official response on why they refused to update those ugly ass icons. Do they think the Luddites will freak out again?

  • tomakali

    a live tile instead of icons would be cool on desktop