New Windows 8 video show log-on transitions, pattern password

patternlogonThe latest leaked Windows 8 video shows the new Android-like pattern-based login system and also transitions to the desktop, as we posted earlier.

The build, rumoured to be build build 7982, also shows the unlocked features, including the ribbon interface in Explorer and the new Advanced Task Manager.

As more and more recent builds of Windows 8 makes its way to OEMs we should be much more about the rumoured Immersive Interface leaked also.

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  • Super2online

    Is is just me or does that look like a tablet this is running on?

    • WixosTrix

      Well there are windows 7 tablets in the market so I do see why someone couldn’t install it on one through USB. Good catch though.

    • Anonymous

      it does a little but there are a couple of points where he lowers the cam and you can see the hinge below the screen, it’s a laptop.

      • Steve Dhalai

        If you look closely for the first few seconds there’s what seems to be a network indicator above the battery indicator to the left of the clock.

  • rsgx

    Better and better.

    I think I need to buy some MSFT shares.