New Xbox LIVE Diamond Service with IPTV To Launch At E3

There are reports that Microsoft will be launching its new Xbox LIVE premium service at E3 on Monday. The plan will be named Xbox LIVE Diamond which will include other premium services from Xbox LIVE Gold along with IPTV services. The service was codenamed Project Orapa inside Microsoft. Orapa is the working name for a combination of Xbox Live and Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV according to Mary Jo Foley. So expect some exclusive TV channels on Xbox. The service is expected to launch by the end of this year with a target date of November 15th. Orapa is a diamond mine, one of the largest diamond mines in the world. That seems to be good code name ! ! !

Source: Gameplay today

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess… US-only ?

    • Fred

      i’d hate it if this were US-only…

    • James

      Typical Microsoft will make it US-only. All us other people worldwide will miss out, just like with most other products.

    • Steven Brock

      Well…….. If they made deals with American network TV, it would be hard to justify to those networks to allow it outside of the US. Now if they were to make deals with European networks, I’d be OK with not being able to see those out here. The service itself should be worldwide, but perhaps it’s only fair to limit the channels offered to the local areas. What do you think?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t a few of you guys across the pond get the sky tv deal? US didn’t ever really get any of that. But I guess what do you expect. It is a US company and the US is a big market.
      Here’s hoping you guys get shown a little IPTV love though.

    • Garen Yöndem


  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing it’ll also have Zune Pass…

  • Anonymous

    Mediaroom is @ Telus here in Canada so here’s to hoping they’ll connect up finally.

  • Anonymous

    If the quality of the service matches (exactly matches and is constant) the quality of Zune’s 1080p movie streams then Ill sign up with no problem. If its the quality of ESPN (not all the time but most) then ill pass.