New Xbox One Commercial Features Former NFL Players Enjoying Games After Their Retirement

Microsoft has started releasing TV commercials to promote its upcoming Xbox One entertainment console. The latest commercial is titled “Xbox One: Retirement Home”. It features former NFL stars Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher discussing about their lives after retirement through Xbox One. This ad shows off the new snap mode functionality in Xbox One where they both play Madden NFL 25 and at the same time having a chat using Kinect.

Watch the ad above. You can watch the previous ad here.

  • donzebe

    Straight to the point, nice

  • Tishawn Fahie

    Was thinking the same thing. Job well done Microsoft.

  • Guest

    Saw it last night watching the game enjoyed it, funny thing was I didn’t realize it was for Xbox.

  • Guest

    At least they finally have real football player in the commercial instead if some fruity European dorks who plays that kids kickball game