NewEgg Executive Says Windows 8 Sales “Slow going”, Expects Sales To Get Better In 2013

In an interview to Readwrite, Merle McIntosh, the senior vice president of product management of Newegg North America said that Windows 8 sales in general is slow going and he expects better sales in 2013.

“So yes, we were prepared for some pretty big upside on the software side of the equation, and the hardware side of the equation, and it is has been steadily improving. But it did not explode, as I think you know, coming out of the gate.”

“On the software side it has been slow going, and I think it will be that way until the pricing normalizes sometime next year,” McIntosh said, declining to provide actual sales numbers. “But on the hardware side, we’re starting to see some slow but steady increases in notebooks, and as the tablets become available, we’re starting to see some good sides of the tablet part of the equation as well.”

He personally thinks that Windows 8 is great both the software and touch part of it. He hopes Windows 8 sales will get much better after the end of first quarter of 2013.

What do you think?

Source: Read Write 

  • the person

    the software side is soft because only an idiot would not take advantage of the $15 and $40 upgrade options directly from MS. Once those deals expire the software side will pick up.

  • skruis

    Intel’s Atom SOC availability is killing Windows 8 in 2012.

    • guest

      Yes, that’s a very large issue. And where’s the flood of cheap WinRT tablets? I don’t any right now.

      • skruis

        RT though capable is not what most companies are looking for. That being said, it’s relatively easy to get a Surface RT or an Asus RT product.

  • Cormang

    Newegg experiencing slow sales would be expected since you can order Windows 8 Pro through Microsoft at a discount. Why would I order it from Newegg? i think it’s pretty clear why sales are slow and I highly doubt they will “pick up” as long as Microsoft is selling the OS at such a discount…

  • Bugbog

    On the hardware side, it may also be cheaper for consumers to buy the ‘discounted’ Windows 7 units retailers are trying to shift, then purchasing the Win8 upgrade license.

    So far, some of the mail shots that I’m receiving are still proclaiming Windows 7 laptops, with hardly a sign of the newly released Win 8 ones!