No Firmware Update For Surface RT And Surface Pro This Month

Every month on second Tuesday, Microsoft will release release patches and updates for its software and hardware lineups. Surface RT and Surface Pro devices were also getting these updates since launch and this month is an exception. There is no firmware update for both Surface RT and Surface Pro devices this month from Microsoft. I guess, Microsoft is working on delivering Windows 8.1 with fully optimized firmware for both these devices in October. When asked about the lack of updates this month, Microsoft commented the following to Neowin,

Windows and Surface are periodically updated with new features and improvements as they become available, and they will continue to receive updates as needed. Product updates for Surface RT and Surface Pro will become less frequent as the products mature. This is the natural cycle for all devices.

Are you waiting for Windows 8.1 update on your Surface device?

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  • Yuan Taizong

    As great as these updates are (especially the bug-fixes and free new features and applications in uncommon cases), Windows can run without ’em, I know a woman who hasn’t updated her computer in years (something I strongly condemn) and has never had a complaint with it, missing a month won’t be a big deal, and this clearly shows the committment of Microsoft towards Windows 8.1 (Blue).

    • soder


      Running solitaire or minesweeper on a windows OS indeed does not require patching every month :D. However, try to browse the internet using IE, do some big and heavily formatted documents in Office, run some more advanced applications than calc.exe and you soon will realize that all programs are full of bugs, and any software that includes more functionality than the MSPaint, ususally crash because of those.

  • GG002

    Heck yes, gimme Win 8.1! I’m already rocking the preview version on my Surface, and it’s wonderful, except for the bugs, which I accept anyway since it’s preview version.

    • Emily the Strange

      you can download a leaked 8.1 RTM and install it yourself, surface would pick up the key so no problem about it. the only ones not installing 8.1 RTM are the ones who dont have it legit since still there is no activator lol!

      • GG002

        Yea, I know there’s an RTM leaked, but I have really crappy internet connection where I am right now so I’ll just wait till the official when I also have good internet :)

  • kain0m

    the one bug I wish they would FINALLY eliminate is the “automatic” brightness at low brightness. The constant brightness changes are just plane annoying. Other than that I see little need for a firmware update.

    • soder

      Go to classic desktop –> Control panel –> Power saving settings –> Selected power scheme –> Modify schema settings –> Special power saving settings modify –> Display –> Adaptive brightness –> Disable it.

      Did it help?

      • kain0m

        afraid it’s already deactivated. There’s been some discussion going on in the MS support forums, but there hasn’t ever been a solution. The only way to fix it temporarily is to reboot the surface or to reset the graphics driver from the device manager. However it is back to flicker mode whenever you play a Video or load a website with flash content… There is something wonky within the surface RT’s graphics driver, but it hasn’t ever been updated by MS sadly…

  • anujgoyal

    they should also check the Wifi bug, i figured out that it only works till channel 6 and if you travel to countries like India where Channel 12 and 13 are used, it does not detect the WiFi i had to do a registry hack to fix that, but it still it causes issues when it wakes up after sleep and yes its a surface pro

  • Andreas Luebbers

    I updated my Surface Pro to 8.1 using MSDN Version. It works good for me, and listen: there is a Firmware update installed after the update.

    • soder

      Tell me the KB number for that update, seen in the Programs and features –>View installed updates list. Otherwise you just lied.

      • Andreas Luebbers

        I generaly don’t lie. There is no KB Number, but Name is: System Hardware Update – 11.06.2013. So it seemed that the update is old, but I dont’t understand, why I don’t get the update earlier…