No longer graffiti–Bus stop ads for Microsoft Surface appear, invite us to click in


It’s less than 3 weeks before Microsoft is set to sell their very own computer, and so far their promotions have been pretty low key, with enigmatic graffiti appearing in all kinds of odd places.

Now reader Zach has noticed a much more conventional ad showing up at a bus stop in Chicago, on the UIC campus.

Presumably we will see the campaign escalate significantly over the next few weeks, to help Microsoft make good on their biggest bet ever.


Thanks Zach for the tip and pictures.

  • B_Sack

    And so it begins….

  • disqustingtard

    Haven’t seen anything over here in The Rest Of The World.

  • J_Maltby

    Look at other Microsoft based sites, Zach is the dummy plant that Microsoft uses to fake MS support on tons of forums. This post is clearly a fake.

    • Adrian

      Even with the reflection of someone taking the picture?

      • Thomas Bundgaard

        Just ignore the troll.

    • Glim12808

      You’re the dummy, dummy!

      • lol

        so is your dick, for old men

    • lol

      how bout you just stfu you fag

      • J_Maltby

        Way to elevate the discourse by calling people a fag. There is no chance that Zach is an electrical engineering student at UIC. By calling someone a homophobic slur you just sound like some 12 year old who uses their mac book pro to check facebook.

  • TV ϟ

    I saw one of these while I was in Boston. I spazzed out and was like “OMG”

  • walkingdogs

    Saw this ad with the pink keyboard at the Clark and Lake L stop in Chicago this morning. Also saw a grafitti one on the wall of a building near Halsted and Clyborne on Saturday. They need to keep this up and plaster cities with ads for the surface, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Don’t give consumers the opportunity to not know that a product exists in the marketplace.

  • John

    Love it. Very cool cleam stylish ad like Surface itself!