No MIX Developer Conference From Microsoft This Year

Microsoft today announced that there will be no MIX Developer conference this year. MIX was started in 2006 focusing on web developers for Microsoft Web platform and continued till 2011. Microsoft today blogged the following,

As part of that reflection, we have decided to merge MIX, our spring web conference for developers and designers, into our next major developer conference, which we will host sometime in the coming year. I know a number of folks were wondering about MIX, given the time of year, so we wanted to make sure there’s no ambiguity, and be very clear… there will be no MIX 2012.

So BUILD, which was a PDC replacement will be combined with MIX to make a single event that will be announced later this year.

Read more at Microsoft Blog. 

  • Anonymous

    my ges is that it all come together at windows 8 event in october
    looking forward to this

    • Alex F.

      October is too late for a developer conference – if it is in October, then anything that will be announced there won’t be released in 2012 or early 2013.

      • Anonymous

        Agree.  I’m thinking BUILD should be held on or right before RTM of W8/WP8.  So hopefully it will be in July or August so that we can see those products launched in time for the November holiday sales.

  • rsgx


    One HUGE announcement of what is coming, and when.

  • Alex F.

    OK, this means either they want to move BUILD in its place (perhaps with simultaneous dev-launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8) – or Windows Phone 8 is postponed.