No surprise–Users prefer IE10’s default Do Not Track setting


Microsoft has set itself up against the online advertising community by enabling Do Not Track by default in IE10, with companies like Yahoo threatening that they will not be respecting the flag, as it does not represent the expressed wishes of the users.

It is however hard to think that any significant percentage of users do want to be tracked, with Softpedia reporting users were  absolutely delighted with Microsoft’s decision to keep DNT always on.

“I am welcoming this advance in IE10 with great enthusiasm! Any collection of data without a person’s conscious consent should be considered an illegal breach of privacy and prosecutable by law!” said one user.

Another said  “Here’s a thought: ask. Don’t collect. Ask. I will TELL you exactly what kind of ads I prefer if you give me the opportunity. I guarantee you that those metrics are going to be far more reliable than whatever data mining you perform on me without my consent.”

While Do Not Track is enabled by default, users are in fact notified of this setting on first launch of the browser, and given the option of disabling this.

The fact is however that in this case Microsoft is representing users interests, something companies like Yahoo and Google are clearly not interested in.


  • ronb2012

    I know my opinion isn’t common on this but for me, they can track all they want. I actually enjoy seeing the ads that actually relate to what I like and what I am interested in. Plus it has worked. There have been times when I see something advertised that I looked at a long time ago and I still wanted. The reminder got me to buy it and I am happy.

    As for just asking what ads people want to see, that really doesn’t work as well as you might think. People aren’t honest about themselves in those cases. For example, if you are a democrat, you might check out republican websites to see what the “other-side” is up to. You clearly have an interest there, but most people in that case would never admit it when prompted to describe their interests.

    • Surur

      If I could only get rid of those Mature Dating ads that follow me around on the internet.

    • rjmlive

      Well it’s a good thing they give you the option to turn that on then. All MS is doing is presetting the switch to off instead of on.

    • Tips_y

      It’s good then that MS has put a switch in IE10 so you can choose to allow websites to track YOU. It’s also good that you realize, as poll after poll after poll indicate, that majority of people don’t want to be tracked, contrary to what Yahoo and Google say.

  • longjob

    Assuming that Yahoo and other do decide to ignore my DNT selection, what action can we as consumers take. Class action opportunity?