Nokia 1 Windows 8 Tablet Concept Desgin Looks Great

A desginer from Deviant Art YrOnimuS has posted the above concept designs for Nokia Windows 8 tablet. It takes design cues from Nokia Lumia 800 and transforms it into larger screen. Whatever it may be, it looks great to me. What do you think ?

  • Anonymous

    I would buy right away

  • Anonymous

    Looks surreal! Hopefully Microsoft and Nokia can create magic in 2012!

  • Cris Rowlands


  • Anonymous

    Just like the iPad is the bigger brother of the iPhone..Is Nokia imitating Apple…but still Killa piece !!

    If only the screen was edge-to-edge on this it would take over the competition easily…

    Before ya’ll start, I know its a concept..but I’m suggesting my opinion here, so Please !!

    • Anonymous

      Tempting as it sounds, edge-to-edge may be coutner intuitive for capacitive touchscreens. Having 2 out of 4 edges e2e might be more practical, but will end up limiting orientation options when using.

      Now, if it was edge-2-edge visually (aka glass panel and non-visible edge of black lcd versus black frame), then it might work.

      Regardless, looks attractive if a real device does turn out even close to this :)

      • Anonymous

        partially agreed, but still the block at the edge of the screen on all sides makes it look like being built by some startup…

  • Giles Doolan

    This is pure DROOOOL stuff… I’d buy 2!

  • Jcas

    I’d buy one for everyone of my family …

  • Guest

    I will take one of each colours; one for every members in my family.

  • Hudi Grossman

    please give me one (or 2) as a new years gift!!!!

  • Chaitanya Bangera

    Looks irresistible :)

  • Guest

    Love it, not fond of arm chip would rather see a IVY Bridge in it.   

  • Anonymous

    Want one!

  • Anonymous

    Is Nokia seeing this??? Anybody got Stephen Elop’s number? 😀

    • CG

      Email him!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yea that’s what we need. I’ll take two..

  • Paul Renda

    BRUTAL!! AMAZING!! I want 3 of them, right now!!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice but being that it’s from Deviant Art there may be 0 basis in reality. Hopefully though, Nokia takes notice and either picks up the design or the artist for more product ideas!

  • Anonymous

    The is the sleakest looking tablet I have ever seen. Lets hope this idea makes it’s way to Nokia and they see the brillance in producing something very similiar or exactly the same!

  • Anonymous

    I would buy 2 of these, today.

  • Guest

    wow…. when i can buy this?

  • Court Kuehne

    1280×800? The galaxy nexus which has a tiny screen (comparitively) almost has this beat. Can’t we dream a little higher? I’m thinking at least 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200. All these low res screens make me sick.

    • Archangel

      11″ screen – 1920×1080+ is unlikely – maybe 1600×900

  • Norbertlf


  • w1ngnut

    Amazing!!!! Will give Elop a call!

  • Adam

    I love the design. If we can order custom ones with different colors I would get an Orange one and get a green one for my parents. 

  • Swsd 40

    As nice as they look , they will not compete with other tablets like the ipad,or Samsung,HTC,Acer etc, because they will be over priced like the windows slates wich sell for over grand ,if for some reason Microsoft wants to compete with the rest of the market and sells these just under the ipad ,it might be a hit!But dont count on it!

    • Anonymous

      You do understand why the current Windows slates are expensive, right? My ASUS ep121 sports 4Gb of RAM, i5 CPU and 64Gb solid state hard-drive. It has 12” screen, Wacom-compatible digitizer that alone is about $150-200. It replaced my notebook (it is faster than my older notebook), runs in dual-screen mode with a 27” external monitor. It supports all software packages, including SQL Server, Visual Studio, Office and so on. When you compare it to iPad or Android tablet, it’s a bit like comparing a Freightliner truck to a scooter and wondering where the price difference comes from. Something that is meant for work and packed with the horsepower to handle it is bound to have a higher price tag than a toy for occasional Internet surfing and playing “Angry Birds”.

      • James Matthews

        Well said. 

        @ Swsd 40  I think it likely that the Win8 Arm tablets will be compatively priced with iPad and Android tablets.

      • John H

        I needed a Win7 tablet but found a base model with 64g ssd and 2g ram 11.6 in screen and capable of most everything a typical business user would need for $399 Exopc found it at the microsoft store.

    • Ricardo Alouidor

      believe it or not, these will be around the same price if not cheaper than the ipad because the OS would be common, the chipsets have gotten cheaper, and Nokia is all about great hardware at competitive prices. They’ve got what you would call high endphones in all areas of the world already. Third world countries can’t afford expensive gear but Nokia does well there.

  • Anonymous

    i hope this comes true, i need that beauty in my life

  • Mario Brillo

    I like one of these!!

  • TGR

    Like LiL Kim said-DARN Thats HOT!

  • Mark Firemoon

    My family need these, the weight and size look to be right.
    I don’t have experience with that particular battrery technology, but this is definitely for me.

  • David Tomilson

    I would buy this if it ran Windows 8 – no question.

  • John H

    I just bought a Exopc, Win 7.. Very happy but this would be a nice upgrade.. Can’t wait. Hopefully they will include LTE and a USB

  • Tim Bates

    Yes, I would buy this right away, the hint is get it to the market, please
    But I also agree that a higher resolution screen will be nice. Nokia can’t hold back, they need to bring a unit to market that pushes the envelope

    • Amaranthsdad

      Just entering the market, the screen will have to be better than. revolutionary. I think lumia 900 is great, by many negative Nancy’s rail on its screen resolution.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Nice! And…Wacom supported. A plus for me. Hopefully ink input is at least as good or better than windows 7. And ofcourse improved ink-to-text recognition. Proof is in the pudding.

  • Black Elephant Studios

    Yes please!

  • Anonymous

    beautiful! I would buy that in a snap!

  • Anonymous

    I want one the size of a Kindle Fire. 11.6″ is too friggin big for me.

  • Marc Shackelford

    Should use the Tegra 3….

  • Thomas Maurer

    If this would be real I need one now! 😉

  • Thomas Maurer

    If this would be real I need one now! 😉

  • N@vX

    wow!…I want one

  • Anonymous

    Cant see Nokia going Wacom (due to price), but everything looks great.

  • Jordan Zielin

    Just making up a pix isn’t worth shit.
    Also screen rez is below spec for windows 8.
    the samsung series 7 slate is real… out.. and better than this mock up.

  • Fuzb

    I’d prefer rounded corners on a tablet so the don’t dig in but looks sexy!

  • Anonymous

    This looks awesome.)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is freakin sweet!  If thats what Nokia has planned for their Win8 tablets; they can count me in as a customer

  • CG


  • Anonymous

    As many of you asked, I have sent these images to Stephen Elop ! ! :-)

  • Anonymous

    do it just do it Nokia 😀 i want the cyan one if it has windows 8

  • Kevin Rohwer

    give it to me!

  • Глеб Иванов

    The sexiest concept I’ve ever seen! It looks better than my iPad…

  • Bri2

    I would definitely but this if the price is good and if it comes in PURPLE!

  • Suhas Shinde

    Hope it would have standard USB and voice calling feature, which lacks in most of the new tablets.