Nokia 2520 Ad Takes On the iPad Air (Video)

Nokia has released a new Lumia 2520 ad which goes directly after hipster iPad Air users.  The ad tries to emphasize the usefulness of the 2520 especially its keyboard, bundled Office suite, and long battery life.  I thought the ad was quite funny and the woman using the 2520 wasn’t too hard on the eyes either :p

I think the Lumia 2520 is a wonderful device especially for people who need an LTE tablet right now.  As a reminder Nokia is throwing in the keyboard accessory for free to those who purchase it by December 2, 2013.  What I am really looking forward to is the Surface & Nokia design teams collaborating together, once the acquisition is complete, and coming out with a brand new tablet sometime next year.

Source: UKMR

  • Scott McBurney

    nice job guys, your youtube link starts the video with only two seconds left. Please fix the link.

    • surilamin

      Fixed thanks.

  • Viktor

    More like an iPad ad.

  • The1nChicago

    Nice, good that Nokia responded to Apple’s latest iPad add which I thought was rather good as well. Nokia, has a good marketing team.

  • Eli_Vance

    But the iPad Air can hide behind a pencil!

    • Ben A

      lol that’s the only feature it can do

  • koenshaku

    that was incredabad.

  • NegLewis

    Nokia Market Team has to make this iOS vs WP war a USA vs Europe thing.
    Nokia has to start be what it is not what iOS is.