Nokia HERE Maps Listed In Windows Store, Looks Amazing

Nokia HERE Maps Windows Store

When Nokia announced Lumia 2520 Windows tablet, they also announced HERE Maps app for Lumia tablets. As you can expect, it is a fully featured Maps app from Nokia. You can explore places around you, find directions, and more. The real beauty is that it works even without a data connection. Yes, it has offline Maps support. Other attractive features include street level to see panoramic views of places, Tilt the map to see cities and buildings in 3D and more.


HERE Maps is a complete mapping app designed to work with or without a Wi-Fi or data connection. With HERE Maps you can download and take your maps with you on your tablet. Get walking, driving and public transit directions to the places you want to go, all completely offline. HERE Maps is a perfect companion for your smartphone. Plan where you want to go and save places so you can find them easily with your phone when you’re out and about. HERE. Maps for Life.


•Download maps to your tablet and use them for free when abroad or whenever there is no available Wi-Fi or data connection
•With dedicated city pages, you can download city maps, see public transit lines and find out about the best local places
•Use street level to see panoramic views of places you’re interested in and look around to explore, just as you would if you were already there*
•Get walking, driving and public transit directions
•Save your favorite places in your own private collections. Add personal notes and cover photos and sync everything with other HERE apps and
•Pin your favorite collections to your start screen and see them with just one tap
•Tilt the map to see cities and buildings in 3D
•Pick the map view you want: satellite, public transit, local traffic, street level or regular street map
•Discover and find the top places nearby and see photos, reviews and contact info
•Share places with friends via email, Facebook and other social networks
•*Available in more than 140 cities worldwide.

If you got a Nokia Lumia tablet like Lumia 2520, you can download it here for free.

  • Bugbog

    Bummer, still have my Surface1. Nice, but not quite enough to make be get a 2520!

    This may become an issue by January 2014 though, when both Microsoft & Nokia release their 8″RT tablets. I may then have to choose between Industrial design & stand or Polycarbonate colour beauty & apps!

    • Jack

      If its an 8 ich beauty and apps 😀
      a stand won’t be cool :/

    • PoohGQ

      I currently have many reasons to need a Lumia 2520 but love my Surface RT. Spend many hours looking up addresses, need mobile internet without having to tether.

  • JimmyFal

    Nokia has way too many location based apps spread out. I really look forward to all this stuff being and integrated solution in WinPho when the purchase is complete. Transit, Navigation, push pins on Maps, all that stuff needs to be unified into one cohesive solution, not multiple apps.

    • PoohGQ

      I do agree to some extent but y’all need to understand that Microsoft will not be acquiring that part of Nokia. Nokia will need to keep each of those elements individual in order to maximize their income on licensing to other OEMs, car makers, etc. Nokia HERE will be a direct competitor to Google’s offerings. They [Nokia] will also be better placed to continue to sue Google each time they try to steal any IP from Nokia’s cache.

      • luca

        I understand the commercial point of view but as a user only i find Nokia apps way to fragmented. Map transit navigation… same for the camera app…. if you don´t use it every moment each time i want to take a picture i have to remember what app to use for that particular effect i wasn to apply. And same goes for map. First find where you are than open the transit map to see where the nearest bus stop is and so on…. Google for this is great. 1c map with everything on. I hope we get there with nokia in the near future.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I hope the offline offroad maps are just as good. If not where can I sign up to help a hand;)!

    • PoohGQ

      I have never had an issue with the offline maps on my Nokia Lumia 710 device.

  • Tom Parker

    There should be a way for Windows Phone Lumia users to get the app for free

    • techieg

      MS needs to acquire Navteq, Nokia’s mapping asset, and add it to Bing.

      • PoohGQ

        It was Microsoft’s own fault. They licensed Navteq for so many years but never acquired it when they had the chance.

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      There already is! its in the marketplace. Been there since day one.

      • mckayhb09

        I think he means that people with lumia phones should also be able to download it on their PC/tanlet even if its no a Nokia one.

    • reKitab

      Nokia HERE Maps live in Windows Phone Lumia devices, FYI!

  • nohone

    It is amazing that Nokia, a company that people like to call a failure, is not a software development company, and does not have billions in quarterly profits is able to create a maps app that does not leave major landmarks out of the map, give directions that do not take you down an active runway, do not show roads in the middle of an ocean, and more bad software.

  • chrgeorgeson

    I’m envious of the people who can use Here Maps…. every time I try on WP I realize how truly lacking the POI’s are and in turn Here Drive + lacks.
    One day….one day….

    • UMovies

      nokia drive+ was my daily driver and now im forced to use Google cause my phone broke, cant wait to get back to nokia.

    • luca

      I think it all depends of where you are. My friends in Italy always tell me that NOKIA maps are perfect but since i moved to Spain i have a 920 and the maps are not that good. Also it takes way longer than my old iphone to get the correct location. I was a bit disappointed about this aspect….

  • DKJr

    Please MS & Nokia make this great app available for all locations and hardware. Don’t restrict a great thing to only a few consumers.