Nokia Lumia 2520 Vs Apple iPad Air Specs Comparison

Both Nokia and Apple announced their new tablet devices a day before. Here is the comparison of both the devices in terms of specs. While both of them have almost similar specs and functionalities with their own merits and demerits, it comes down to price and the platform. Apple’s iPad Air is running on iOS where Nokia Lumia 2520 runs on Microsoft’s Windows RT 8.1.

Nokia Lumia 2520 with 32GB storage and LTE costs $499 whereas Apple iPad Air with 32GB storage and LTE costs $729! As you can see, Lumia 2520 offers incredible value for money when compared to iPad Air.

FeatureNokia Lumia 2520

Lumia 2520 Specs vs iPad Air

Apple iPad AiriPad Air vs Nokia Lumia 2520 Specs
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon™ 800Apple A7 chip
Display size10.1”9.7”
Display Resolution/Pixel Density1920 x 1080 // 218 ppi2048 x 1536 // 264 ppi
Size and DimensionsLength: 168 mm

Width: 267 mm

Thickness: 8.9 mm

Weight: 615 g


Length: 240 mm


Width: 169.5 mm


Thickness: 7.5 mm


Weight: 478 g


Storage32GB and Above32GB and Above
ConnectivityWi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)

Bluetooth 4.0

Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)

Bluetooth 4.0

Primary camera6.7MP, ƒ/1.9 aperture5MP, ƒ/2.4 aperture
Secondary camera2MP wide angle, f/2.4 aperture1.2MP
Main video camera1080p (Full HD, 1920 x 1080)1080p (Full HD, 1920 x 1080)
Secondary video camera720p (HD, 1280 x 720)720p (HD, 1280 x 720)
Expandable memory card typeMicroSDNot available
USBUSB 3.0Not available
NFCAvailableNot available
SensorAmbient Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor, MagnetometerAmbient light sensor, Accelerometer, Three-axis gyro,
Power And Battery8000 mAh

11 Hours of general usage

50% charge in 30 mins, and up to 80% in an hour.

6480 mAh

10 Hours of general usage

Video Calling/Audio CallingSkypeFaceTime
Built-in AppsInternet Explorer 11

Xbox Video



Bing/Bing Smart Search


Xbox Store


Windows Store





Xbox Music



Movie Moments

Xbox SmartGlass

Reading List

Xbox Games



Fresh Paint

Nokia HERE Maps

Nokia Video Director

Nokia Story Teller




Photo Booth






iTunes Store


Game Center


App Store








First Party AppsMicrosoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook

Bing News

Bing Weather

Bing Finance

Bing Health And Fitness

Bing Cooking

Bing Travel

Bing Sports

Bing Translator


iTunes U




Find My iPhone


Find My Friends




iTunes Trailers

ColorsRed, White, Cyan And BlackSpace Gray, Silver



  • Mark

    Nokia wins hands down on paper. I’m a student who writes lots of research paper. The ability to pin two pages on my screen makes the Nokia a better buy for me. I need my occasional games which I can say Microsoft don’t have as much as apple. Then again for my needs, the lumia 2520 wins by a large margin.

  • bunty

    NOKIA 2520

  • Erevodifwntas

    How much of the 32GB on the 2 devices are actually available to the users? I am afraid that 2520 will have almost the same free space as the ipad 16. So the price comparison should be done with ipad 16 LTE

    • Kevin R.

      Does the iPad have storage expansion, the option of connecting to a USB 3 device, or access to network drives?

      • nickcraze

        We should start adding up for those features. We all know Apple have high profit margins and people need to consider these expantion ports.

    • jesset

      And it would still be cheaper. $629 (?) compared to $499.

    • Eolirin

      It’s around 18 or 19 gigs, if it’s in line with Surface.

      • Asgard

        It is not. At least not in Windows 8.1 Pro. I got about 5 gigs more empty space on all my 8 -> 8.1 installations.

        • nohone

          Did you run disk cleanup after the upgrade. They make a backup of the system files, but they do not delete them after an upgrade. That is the one user unfriendly thing about the update

  • VK

    2520 is an impressive device no doubt. But a tablet is mostly used handheld and the weight of 2520 is unappealing for this kind of usage.

    Having moved from previous iPad versions to iPad mini, I can say the reduction in weight alone is a great selling point for iPad air and increases its usability. To be used as a tablet, nokia needs to have a product under 400 gm, even if it means reducing the screen size. Its impressive that Apple is able to reduce the weight and still maintain similar battery life. Width is reduced by almost 2 cms since 1st Gen iPad but still have the same screen size.

    Surface and 2520 will generally appeal to mobile business users, for whom productivity is achieved in a sleek device. But for the tablet users like me who use it as a media consumption device iPads are better devices right now.

    • rjmlive

      The Ipad is for 6-9am and 6-9pm. The 2520 can be used all day for any purpose. If you have an Ipad, you need a laptop. The 2520 otherwise would be all you’d need.

      • Duel

        “If you have an Ipad, you need a laptop. The 2520 otherwise would be all you’d need.”

        You cant say like that, every person has their needs. How the graphic designer can use 2520? Or musicians. Im both of those, i own iPad and use real computer for my graphic designs and for my music stuff.

        Owning 2520 wouldnt help me anyway.

        Also what you mean by you can use 2520 for whole day and ipad only morning and night? What more you can do with 2520? And dont say it has office…

        • Joe_HTH

          A graphic designer isn’t going to have a tablet anyway, unless it’s a Wacom.

          • Duel

            Tablet is actually very handy with graphic designer, not actual tool but making work flow lot faster and easier. Adobe has released 3 apps which are meant to use with pc version photoshop. Its like external screen but with its own functions, theres lot of things to use and do.

          • Duel

            “Need I go on?”

            I dont know? It depends what you trying to prove?

            If you need office with iPad there’s many way to do it. IWork, smart office, office 365, documents to go and list go on. Just choose the best which suits for you.

            And everyone doesnt use office daily. Well most of people dont And if you really need to use office, you would definately use it with laptop or desktop pc instead tablet.

            And most people only use word anyway if they use office. So its very easy to replace.

            You didnt gave any reason why “you” can use 2520 the whole day and iPad not.

            So im still waiting answer for that.

          • rjmlive

            If you’re doing business solely on an Ipad, not only have you paid an unnecessary premium, you’re really working with very diluted software, unless you’re really on Office365. Either that or your business needs are very simple relative to the majority of the office based workforce. There’s also a guarantee that the Ipad is not the only computer device in your life, you have a desktop, laptop or netbook as well. The Surface Pro 2 is more of a potential all in one product, but even the Surface 2/2520 are more full time tablet/netbooks than an Ipad can be and in every way a far better value.

            Until the Surface 2/Pro 2, there has not been a real replacement for the Ipad / laptop combination that Ipad users currently work with. As everything evolves to metro, there will be no more need for Pro and no more need for Ipad, except for those who don’t mind the premium and prefer the apple ecosystem. That said, it seems the next touch version of Office may be available for ipad and android in the future, but even then, Surface products will still be a better value.

          • VK

            Almost all printers now have Airprint. I don’t see printing as a major issue.

            Data is getting cheap, I can stream music or video all day long. Several could services provide online storage – USB or SD card expansion slot no longer have the same relevance as before.

            I have not used Windows RT to comment on File manager or explorer, but I have a WP8 phone and MS have gone the same way that Apple went. NO FILE MANAGER. Are you saying Win RT is not like WP8?

            Office is the only bonus point….but MS could release an iOS version of Office (they did it with many other major apps) and remove the only reason why people want to buy a Windows tablet.

      • VK

        Well we will find that out soon enough. Whether we like it or not, we need 2 devices now. Laptop for productivity and tablet for convenience. Surface RT could not replace laptops. If the new Surface or 2520 manage to achieve this, then there is a market segment secured for MS.

    • Duel

      Indeed, its stunning how light the new iPad is, i own iPad 3 and this is still very very good, but im going for the new form factor and a lot lighter device, i use tablet so much that i want it to be as light as possible.

      I think the key selling point for new iPad is the weight and its something what everyone going to notice when they test all new tablets in stores.

      • Joe_HTH

        You know what else they’re going to see? The iPad is a lot more expensive, especially if you want LTE.

        • Duel

          Really? Like it has been slowed down apple so far…

    • Joe_HTH

      “2520 is an impressive device no doubt. But a tablet is mostly used handheld and the weight of 2520 is unappealing for this kind of usage.”
      LOL! Yeah, that 1.35 pounds, which is significantly lighter than every iPad before it, is just impossible to tug around. Strange how Apple fans don’t say anything about weight until now.

      Give a friggin’ break.

      • Bugbog

        Weight IS an important factor. That said, it does get out-weighed by device utility.

        So, whilst I might wish for the weight of the ‘Air’, I’d still have to go for the Lumia or Surface2.

        (I just wish Microsoft had released the Surface Mini/Lite, then my next tablet decision would have been crystal clear!)

        • SategB

          Bugbog is correct it is one of the reason iPad mini was such a huge success

      • VK

        By the time Nokia managed this 7% weight reduction (which you call significant!!!) compared to previous iPad model, Apple managed to reduce 30% of the weight and 10% in width.

        When I started using iPad, my laptops looked very heavy and inconvenient to use (wow, don’t have to wait for start-up anymore!!!). when started using iPad mini, iPad 2, 3 etc lost their appeal.

        Its lunacy to deny that Apple is ahead of the competition in the tablet game. I have three iPads at home being used simultaneously vs 1 laptop for office work. No manufacturer can ignore the consumer market if they need to sell volumes. That being said, I see MS/ Nokia as the only competition to Apple. I hope they will have a winning product soon. But I doubt the 2520 is that product.

        • Iain Simpson

          just remember the only reason the new ipad is lighter is because it has a smaller battery, no magic here, and the weight difference would hardly be noticed between the 2.

        • MMAC

          Nokia…when you get Nokia folks must have it forced from their hand many years later…..Durability in these products has always amazed me and is always why I return back to them. Nokia always seems to become an easy fit too. I have the 808 preview and would have never bought my iPhone had Nokia arrived sooner with their phones…..My old flip phone finally had to be replaced after 5 years of solid use….My husband’s 900 Nokia is still running hard. He loves his iPad and I love my macbook air…..Though I don’t like it when mac devices don’t want to connect with other cool devices I often run across and Nokia is so much more friendly with. I’m really leaning towards Nokia 2520 even if my macbook air will complain. I don’t like to have to replace things I love and get use to and Nokia products normally get to feeling like favorite old shoes and keep me happy for years. I hope Microsoft doesn’t change Nokia…I wasn’t happy when I saw them buying up Nokia as soon as Nokia got into the serious Smart phone competition. I’m not sure I don’t want to return to a phone just as a phone at this point either….Too much many duplicate buying of data….i want affordable unlimited and only one plan that works when I put a pass word into any device I own. I end up paying for three data plans or more and never really use any of them all that much….Then when I do I’m afraid of overage charges…..Home is the only unlimited plan I have but i’m never there…..forbidden to use cell at work for the most part and I’m paying for even more data I can’t really be using….Bought a hotspot through TMobile and that seems to be a good idea if they will just expand more, but it isn’t unlimited… might be sort of though at a throttled speed which would be OK if that is true that it is unlimited throttled after you reach your paid data 4G limit…I would be totally OK with that if it is just unlimited. Those that want tons of movies or music may not be happy though.

  • chichora

    Nokia 2520. Side-by-Side apps (true multi tasking), LTE connectivity, Lighter than iPad4, USB3.0, Micro SD. Hands down Nokia 2520 is the winner. Most apps have website equivalents anyway.

  • lansky1213

    Nokia it is! Not that I ever considered a iPad. Lol

  • SategB

    One thing that keeps going through my mind when reviewing iPhone pricing or iPad pricing as in this case with the Nokia offering:
    The higher prices and higher margins communicates Apple really does not see “competitors” products as competition.

    And moreover the fact that these prices are not seeing any real downward pressures says Apple must be right.

    • tropolite

      Sadly it is more to the point that Apple doesn’t care for their gullible customers and shovel out crap ‘new devices’ that when you break them down, aren’t. When their customers will pay those crazy prices why the hell would apple cut their own revenues – they have the media going into meltdown for a friggin phone and pad in ways like we saw when the Berlin Wall came down. Ridiculous. I see apple as the mcdonalds of the computer industry.
      I read about a year ago, (think it was WSJ), the profit margin differences for most companies on phones work off 12-17% profit, whereas apple on iPhone is 53% (can’t find my bookmark for the link). Apple are downright ‘robbing’ their customers and the customers are cheering and wanting more. WTF.

  • NegLewis

    Nokia 2520 besides Surface 2 it’s the best ARM Tablet.
    Windows 8 (ARM and x64) ir the best OS – Mature.
    People will still not buy it.
    MS really needs to step up.
    There are 2 types of Tablets:
    1: With a x64 CPU that REALLY needs to be powerful – no notebook CPU.
    2: With an ARM CPU that really needs to be mobile: meaning:
    2.1: WP Apps in those split screen
    2.2: Accelerometer, Gyro, … sensors.
    2.3 Battery
    2.4: Maps, occasional gaming, Social…
    2.5: 3G/4G/WiFi,MiDi, HDMI,USB…

  • NegLewis

    Quote: “MS is dead in the water…”
    What Apple did? They just released a new iPad with a different name. Just that. A different name: Aero. That represent that their tablet is “lite”.
    Previous it was “Mini” and “New New” and “New”
    THAT’s marketing.

    What MS did? they released a “confusing” Tablet Name and a “confusing” tablet UI and a “confusing” price.
    Who said that? Well … all the tech reviewers…

    MS for 2 and a half years MS had NO marketing, no commercials, no ads, no nothing for WP7.
    They were convinced that doing so will not hurt future main project W8.
    They were wrong: WP7 was a stepping stone. all WP8 owners are previous WP7 owners that still feel that lack of no-combat form MS part.

    I get that MS had some interdictions… but still…
    NOW… with tablets… same agony. I see no W8 ads. No w8 tablets in stores.
    Here in my town – the biggest from my country – there is NO place where I can play with one – realy play.
    If I want to play with it I must buy it first.

    There are tons of Android and iOS tablets out for testing… W8…NONE!!!
    I hope Nokia will learn that lesson… they have stores… make them shine.

  • 1stkorean

    that aweful instrusive disqus recent comment thing on the side is in the way…why not get rid of it. all the comments are below

  • Opinador_Objetivo

    So, the new iPad doesn’t GPS?

  • atommax

    Where to buy it ? or Preorder it in Europe ?

  • Matt

    Can I get iOS on the Nokia?

    • louis

      That’s what I call digital castration !

  • mmac

    I love Nokia…I hate Bing……I hate the way bing always tricks you into going there and if you do it dumps you into a mode of find and seek totally distracting or at the very least makes you severely mad at the waste of time getting back to the original link. It might not be so bad if it wasn’t a bait and switch……they link a word…if you make the mistake of clicking Bing does not really link you to more info it just links you to search and find….as though someone foolish thought of tricking people i to searching bing in the middle of links and topics they are already trying to look at….like the annoying pop-ups ……I would be very upset if the bing search can’t be switched to another one I prefer on the Nokia. I use Opera it works find…also google, firefox and so forth….Never bing.