Nokia to release an Asus VivoTab RT-type tablet soon


The Verge has been leaked some more information about Nokia’s recently rumoured upcoming Windows RT tablet.

The 10.1 inch tablet will have USB and HDMI-out, and also cellular connectivity, with 10 hours battery life which can  be fast-charged to 50% in a short period.

The real innovation however will come from the accompanying cover, which the Verge notes will snap in place and will double battery life, provide a keyboard and also a kickstand for the tablet.

The cover will also provide two USB ports. While the cover sounds rather fantastical, it is of note that the Asus Vivotab RT (pictured above) provides a “cover” with very similar functionality, and which effectively turns the Vivotab into a laptop. Given that Nokia cover also includes a battery and keyboard it is difficult to see how it could have a much different design.

AT&T will be the first to carry the tablet, which will initially be built in small numbers and may be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

Nokia may also look into a Windows 8 x86 tablet in the future, but did not comment “on market rumour or speculation."

Given that there already devices similar to the rumoured design in the market, do our readers think it is worth waiting for Nokia to show its cards? Let us know below.

  • mikelo90

    From TheVerge: “special cover for the tablet that envelops it like a book”.
    So, how is it even similar to VivoTab RT?

    • ale91g

      Have patience…we are talking about Surur after all…

      • mikelo90

        I have no more patience, seriously. The guy is unbelievable. WPCentral is looking better every second…

        • ale91g

          WPC is already better, the difference is that they do not rush with posting news (they used to check if the info are valid or not), they their own videos, they have a cool forum, and much more.

          WMPU is just about copy and paste ALL contents they find regarding Windows Phone, no filters (Fakes included) and to make things worse the use of grammar isn’t always good.

          • xma1e

            Really? I will have to check them out. It does get a little frustrating that there’s no actual journalism taking place and just a rehash of other sites.

  • Ef Jay

    Needs to be x86 for me, use too much software that isn’t available in the store to use an RT tablet.

  • Eric Hon

    sounds like the “ipad” like cover will just have a battery in it? I would think the Surface could also do this too next year, but I just wonder about the extra thickness and weight.

  • Mythos88

    I hope they include some funky Nokia colours as well.

  • FXi

    Married to AT&T again…

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    I would love to see tablet wise…
    2560x1440p, 11.6 inch display
    8MP rear cam (like PureView?) w/ Flash
    1440p front cam
    2GB memory
    Quad Core S4 1.5 Ghz
    32/64/128GB storage
    10+ hour battery life
    1.5 pound weight
    NFC, Wireless charging, etc…
    Poly-carbonate chassis (Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, etc..)

    Starting at: $500 for 32GB, $600 for 64GB, $700 for 128GB

    Asus-like Dock: Keyboard, tackpad, USB ports, SD slot, wireless charging, Stylus, additional battery life. Poly-carbonate chassis (Black, White, Blue, Red, yellow, etc..)

    Maybe offered in “combos”
    $600 or $650 for dock and 32GB tablet. $700 or $750 for dock and 64GB tablet. $800 or $850 for dock and 128GB tablet.

  • koenshaku

    Nokia makes quality hardware I look forward to seeing the design.

  • Dime09

    All Nokia needs to do is produce a 10 and 7 inch Lumia 920. no need for clip on keyboard and kick stand. Just a large Lumia and they can call it the Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1K.

    • opteron opteron

      It’s going to be called Nokia Lumia TCP10. (Tablet Camera Phone 10″). The Verge has just a fraction of the info about that device. It’s a 3 in 1 hybrid beast!!!

  • Joe_HTH

    If it’s anything like the Asus, I’ll pass. Nokia, simply make a Lumia tablet that’s 10mm thick or less, weighs around 1.5 pounds, and has an S4 Pro Snapdragon, Adreno 320, 2GB of RAM, 9-10 hours of battery, 1080p screen, and I’ll spend up to $500.

    Of course, I’m really waiting for the Surface 2, because I expect it to blow the current Surface out of the water. It better in terms of CPU, GPU, screen resolution, and battery life. It also better have NFC, 3G, and 4G LTE.

  • NegLewis

    What do people want?
    A Slim Tablet, small bezel, USB, Mini USB, HDMI (mini) WiFi, 3/4G, 2 Cores 1.2 GHz, <$400.