Nokia To Unveil Windows RT Tablet Codenamed ‘Sirius’ On Sep 26th In The US

Nokia Windows RT Verizon Red

We reported two weeks ago about this upcoming Nokia Windows RT tablet. Today, The Verge confirmed most of the specs we reported earlier with couple of new information about the device, its internal codename ‘Sirius’ and the camera.

Here are the details about the device,

  • It is a Windows RT 8.1 tablet.
  • It will be powered by Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.15 hz
  • It will have 6-megapixel primary camera  and a 2-megapixel front camera.
  • It will sport a 10.1″ 1080p screen, 5 point multi-touch with wide viewing angles.
  • In-built storage of 32 GB
  • Detachable keyboard/stand which should be connected to the tablet to make it work just like Touch/Type covers for Surface.
  • There is a battery in the keyboard for extra power.
  • USB ports in the back
  • Wireless N Cell compatible
  • Micro HDMI & USB 3.0 port support
  • AT&T/Verizon LTE support

Nokia is expected to reveal the device on Sep 26th at an event in New York and the price will be same as Apple iPad.

Source: The Verge

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    Surface Pro 2 for me…and I can wait.

  • NegLewis

    This device must be “paper thin”, build like a tank and Lumia 800 like. Must support WP apps in those split screens. At least 1 in full screens. 3 would be a blast.

  • Horbeme

    sound really good, but when u said the price will be the same as the apple ipad ppl will complain about the price. even thought the Win RT has more functionality they will still compain.

    • Yuan Taizong

      People claim that the number of apps in the app store makes the price, but if that were true, all Android devices would’ve been expensive, of-course this is not the case, the hardware is what sells, the software doesn’t put the price of it.

      And the software is easily superior to iO.S.

  • Jack

    My dick up jo ass

  • Jack

    My dick loves choclate

  • Jack

    Boats and Hoes

  • sri_tech

    They need to make 8 inch Windows RT tablet for $349 and Bay trail Windows 8 tablet for $499.
    That will give them a very good chance of competing against both iPAD mini and regular iPAD.

    While the specs look good for this tablet, at $499 its difficult for Nokia to succeed against new iPAD because of poor app ecosystem.

    • Jack

      My dick up jo ass

    • Jack

      Boast and Hoes

    • Ben A

      so you saying 110,000 and growing (some quality apps) close to apples 300k tablet optimized apps is not enough on the windows tablet store and with Nokia, it has its Nokia apps Exclusives, an Ecosystem that exceled Apples, in Services, Xbox Music, Video and Xbox Games, Xbox Smartglass connect with Xbox 360,Xbox One and Plus Free full productivity Office 2013 that iWork is not in the same league, it has the full package and more than what Apple can do with just apps. It is not difficult to sell all this stuff pack in a tablet, especially the superior specs that Apple fails to match.

      • sri_tech

        110,000 apps does not matter when it does not have most of the official, popular apps.

        Windows store is full of crap apps. Just check the metroscanner website. Thousands of apps made by single developers which are all crap.

        • Ben A

          same can be said for apple app store. some apps are crap on the app store and they are some quality apps on the windows store better than android tablet offerings and even the dead playbook blackberry tablet. ha metroscanner lol.

      • LPHeadstrong

        On paper a Windows tablet beats an iPad hands down, especially to readers on this site, but at the end of the day sales are what matter. iPad outsold Surface RT, which as far as I know is the best RT tablet yet, by a very wide margin. I am very interested in Nokia’s own tablet but realistically I’m in the minority.

        • UMovies

          rt failed to sell cause of it low specs this one has good specs and is a must have device , I am so ready for it. 1080 gaming, 1080p screen, and cellular. gps so all nokia services will work like navigationj, and mapping.provided they a a here drive for it when it comes. all the things that sucked about rt before will be gone with this one , perhaps even price. as spec wise its worth the 499

    • Ben A

      Plus the nokia bold designs that makes iPad look like an piece of flat dead uninspiring aluminium tablet, that will attract people with the adverts and the price will fit perfectly.

    • Ben A

      You think this is one tablet they are going to sell, go and research more they have more than 1 tablet, they have 6 tablets in the works and one of them will have 8 inch that will be a comparable match to Apple mini and upcoming Surface 8inch /7.6 inch model.

  • FateStayNight

    Are they Sirius?

  • ZappyKins

    That’s not much memory and a super low MP camera for Nokia. I hope it is very inexpensive.

    • Ben A

      no fool will take pictures with they tablets. only fools take picture with tablets. btw this is a rear camera for Skype or confrence calls not taking pictures of yourself for example. It would be waste of cost manufacture to slap a pureview on tablet, you can hold a big massive tablet and snap pictures and videos, its not practical, it would be foolish.

    • Ben A

      take pictures on phone or DSLR. much better.

  • Sunovavic

    I Siriusly hope they know what they are doing! Go Nokia!

  • counterblow

    price the same as an iPad.
    oh nokia WHY?

  • Vincent Haakmat

    I want one, where I can put my own SIM card in it for data usage outside the US. I wonder why Nokia insists on the AT&T exclusivity. It is not like the US is the only market that exists. They are doing poorly in the US, why not concentrate on the market where they’re actually liked and bring out these devices there first for a change.

    • pdexter

      Huh? Of course there will be “unlocked” device. That’s the one sold globally.
      US is just mentioned because of the weird market and exclusive stuff.

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Next time, please use a Nokia camera to take the pic, it is horrible

  • Joe_HTH

    There’s only one problem. No MicroSD support, which is huge if this tablet is only available in 32GB.

    • pdexter

      There is MicroSD support. It’s mentioned on the The verge article, original source,

  • BeefNeeg

    Should have a kickstand, and should be $199

  • BeefNeeg

    NEEG POWA!!!

  • Sunny

    gud work nokia……………..

  • Albert

    Viewing movies on this is going to poor compared to the surface(really hate black bars). Real wished they went with the same screen dimensions as Surface.But at the end of the day this size will be better for reading apps. But 32gb? not a chance for me I use my 64GB Surface to back up my photos on my L920.

  • Darren Barratt

    It fell at the last there. Ever tablet that prices the same as the Ipad has mediocre sales. Shame, as I bet they’ll make a good tablet, but they need to undercut apple to make an impact.

  • Vincent Haakmat

    If they’re smart, it will have an introductory discount of $99, just to give it a good start. And they need to have it at every Microsoft boot in the BestBuy stores. Since Sony and Microsoft are in a “giving”mood, Nokia should give the floor managers one for free also to sweeten the deal