Nokia Windows RT 8.1 Tablet To Come With 10.1-inch 1080p Display, Snapdragon 800 And Detachable Keyboard/Stand

nokia kickstand

We have seen lots of reports on Nokia Windows tablet in the past few months. We got some info on it from one our tipster.

  • Nokia is working on a Windows RT 8.1 tablet.
  • It will be powered by Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.15 hz
  • It will sport a 10.1″ 1080p screen, 5 point multi-touch with wide viewing angles.
  • In-built storage of 32 GB
  • Detachable keyboard/stand which should be connected to the tablet to make it work just like Touch/Type covers for Surface.
  • There is a battery in the keyboard for extra power.
  • USB ports in the back
  • Wireless N Cell compatible
  • Micro HDMI & USB 3.0 port support
  • Will also come in Cyan matte color
  • Device manufactured by Compal

The device is rumored to be revealed by Nokia in September and will also be launched in US with AT&T support.

Are you looking forward to it?


  • cb3431

    If on AT&T, no thank you.

    • sri_tech

      I think that will be for LTE model only.
      WiFi models will be available for everyone.

  • sri_tech

    price it at $400. I’m sure it will be a huge success.

    I wish they make another tablet with windows 8.1 and bay trail processors.

    • Guest

      I think the real opportunity is to sell it subsidized through carriers. Local ones here are offering Android tablets free or low cost for all sorts of things, like reupping on your phone, cable, etc.

  • Breon Gerald

    Cyan!!! YES!

  • congthanhgiong

    there should be 2 usb ports

  • martin

    Should be a magnificent device coming from Nokia

  • alexalex

    RT? no way

    • Gromanon

      Windows 8.1 RT with Outlook plus now all the apps it has, is different story now and is definitely a good OS! Now if only they price it properly like $399-499 range. I am sold!

      • Ytazbddj

        RT is hard to swallow.

        • Gromanon

          The only thing that truly messed up RT was the price!

          RT came out rough around edges and with no apps, so Surface RT 32Gb should have been $349 to begin with!

          • Sharkit

            MS should have skipped the RT until there were more apps in the store. Just gone Pro for a year or two until there were enough Metro/Modern apps to justify it’s use. I guess it’s chicken and egg, like the initial iPad, it was useless until apps were written for it. But the advantage it had was it could at least run iPhone apps. Now if only MS would merge RT and WP it’d be another story…

          • counterblow

            News flash moron….there are over a hundred thousand Windows Store apps now. Let’s stop with the no apps BULLSHIT.

          • joe_easton3

            Agreed; the apps are there or are coming. Yes, I wish there was an official FB and IG app but I can deal with pinning the web page for now. We really need some mainstream games and we are set!

          • Sharkit

            I don’t normally respond to such comments, but I think you deserve special treatment for calling me a moron. That really wasn’t necessary, does it make you feel big or something? It just makes you look like a complete jerk. I didn’t say there were no apps, if I had maybe your comment would have been partially justified.
            I think RT is the future, but it’s not there yet and it sure as hell wasn’t ready when it was launched. Sure there are over 100k apps now, how many at launch, 7k maybe and few of them much cop. Even now it lacks the quality apps that are available on the iPad. I don’t think that will be the case forever, I’m very interested in what will happen in another few months now 8.1 is almost here. But here and now for what a lot of people want a tablet for they are better of either getting an iPad or Android tablet, or waiting another 6 months for RT Modern Apps to mature.

          • Cruncher

            Why should they have skipped RT. That makes no sense, because without RT I would still be sitting on Android. Now I have a nice Surface RT and am perfectly happy with it.

          • Sharkit

            I’m glad you are happy with it, but overall it’s been a bit of a PR and financial disaster for Microsoft. Too many OEMs have been burnt by it & MS took a big hit themselves, while you and plenty of people do love your RT devices I think on the whole looking at the bigger picture there are people at MS who wish they’d waited a bit longer. I’m sure a day will come when they will get my money for a RT device, but not yet.

  • Novus

    Why would someone buy a tablet running at 2.15HZ? I bet these specs are fake!!!

    • counterblow

      You have never seen snapdragon 800 performance obviously. It eats Atoms for breakfast.

      • ts

        Apparently you didn’t get it kid. get some engineering 101.

        • counterblow

          I’m sure I’ll pass you on your way to Clues 101.

    • bawboh

      LOL! They still haven’t fixed the typo, either…

      • Dan Kaschel

        2.15 hz!

  • Gromanon

    Take my money!!

  • kristdotm

    If Nokia bring their location based services like ‘Maps’ and ‘Drive’ to Windows RT that would give more value to buying a Nokia branded RT tablet for sure.

  • reason1996

    why windows rt =_=

  • Hannu_Karpo

    Nokia, skip RT entirely. Release an 8″ 3:2 ratio x86 tablet and it will sell like hot cakes.

    Go with Apple-like screen ratio. People use 8″ tablet in portrait mode, so you need horizontal real estate.

  • HenrikD

    Why o why are they so stubburn not to release a tablet with 3g/ 4g / lte?

    • tande04

      Well it is on AT&T so cellular connectivity of some kind is a given.

      • HenrikD

        Hopefully. But we are still talking about a carrier that charges you for tehtering.

      • HenrikD

        Eh,, AT&T that charges you for internetsharing,,, its not given.

        But I read somewhere else that it will have 4g / LTE. Finaly a tablet with Windows that is something to buy.

  • Azjerei

    RT…. Given my VERY bad experience with my Surface RT ever since I got it last December, I ain’t going RT ever again..

    • Wtechrover

      I will. RT has matured with 8.1 preview that it is as good as Windows 8 and better on some points. Tegra3 is not fast and the Qualcomm looks to be very fast.

      • Sharkit

        RT will be better with 8.1, beefier processor and a lot more apps but I’d still wait for the merge between RT/WP before I’d go there.

      • Azjerei

        It is with 8.1 that it has completely broken down now. I cannot use it.. as soon as I touch it, the network Connection dies. IE is not usable (becomes unresponsive, the “Metro” version that is). Battery Drains in 24h (WITH Bluetooth turned ON as they suggested). However, it is the Preview..

        • Wtechrover

          Exactly..PREVIEW. I had the same WiFi issue and my Surface RT is temporarely back to Windows RT 8. Loved what I saw… except for WiFi.
          I don’t complain because I know Windows RT 8.1 is a PREVIEW version.
          (( BTW immediatly after reset back to Windows RT 8, I got a ‘firmware’ update))

    • joe_easton3

      I have one and love it; sorry your experience hasn’t been the same. Mine does everything I want it to do and a ton more than standard tablets.

  • first name

    Nokia will add LTE and GPS capabilities to sweeten the deal, but I also believe they’ll need to take things a step further and convince Microsoft to subsidize the crap out of it; similar to what google does with the nexus 7.

  • iamwarpath

    not interested in a 10 inch model

  • Grisu_1968

    Cool :-)

  • RichSpalding

    RT for 8″ or less. No idea why you’d have a 10″ RT device with a handicapped desktop

    • ImperialDynamics

      exactly. I think RT should only be on 7 or 8 inch devices. 10inch devices should have windows 8 and stylus. This device makes no sense whatsoever

      • MaelN

        10″ is better to use office. The strengh of Windows RT than iOS and Android.

      • joe_easton3

        RT is a great platform for just about any size tablet. It offers the same size as traditional tablets with more functionality at a lower price. Sounds like a win-win to me.

      • Cruncher

        Without a 10inch RT device I would go back to Android. Period. I don’t think that Microsoft can afford limiting the market with only x86 offerings.

    • counterblow

      Because you are not fucking using desktop! Desktop will be gone off RT by Win9 so stfu.

      • RichSpalding

        Oh this is a Win9 RT device? My mistake 😉

  • Albert

    Why do we need the same crappy screen dimensions that Apple use, Love everything about my Surface RT except the performance from the old Teg 3 processer.

  • efjay

    Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung and even the platform maker Microsoft all failed with their RT devices because people want a Windows device to run Windows applications and Nokia thinks they will succeed? Pretty colors won’t change that. Poor decision by Nokia and will cost them dearly.

    • Abdul9

      Nokia has a better shot at success than those guys you mentioned just look at Wp8. look at how far Nokia is carrying it. I also don’t dig rt and really hope Nokia will also make a haswell tablet with at least 11.6 inch and a big to medium track-pad on the keyboard dock.

    • hasopinions

      They’ve failed because of pricing and because screen resolution on a 10″ tablet was dumb (1366×768.)

      If Nokia can sell these for $299 or less and at 1920×1080, I think Windows RT could start to take off. The integration with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and with built in Office (with Outlook) and Skype is a very attractive package.

  • kalval

    Great news, that thing will fly with the snapdragon 800 processor. Certainly beats atom for driving a 1080p screen too, atom would suck the battery dry way too quickly pushing that many pixels on windows 8.1. This vs surface 2 will be a hard choice, Nokia and Microsoft should build different screen sizes eg nok takes 10″, MS takes 8″. I worry that if they have to compete with a surface nokia will be spending money they don’t have.

  • del_x

    Will be very interesting to see how Nokia would market these devices their USP for the phones is their superior imaging but that cannot be used on a tablet.

  • tande04

    I have no problem with RT. IMO the benefits of the platform always outweighed the drawbacks. Personally even on my x86 tablet 99% of what I use daily is app based.
    From what I’ve seen people are generally coming around to at least the surface RT, we’ve been selling them at a much greater rate than we were prior to the price drop.
    Speaking of price though, no way I’m paying more than $299 for this.

  • Stanislaus Szczepaniak

    “Are you looking forward to it?”

    No. If running Windows RT = straight to unsold inventory, gathering dust.

  • morete

    I want a huge tablet, the bigger the better. I don’t have eyes with microscopes built in them and I don’t have needle fingers, hence why I have no use for smartphones. I want to use the tablet for mobile entertainment/multimedia purposes and surfing the web but not for productivity. I have a PC at home and at work for that. I dislike iOS and Android. I am tired of all black and all white tablets. This will be my first and next tablet and I don’t care what the price is. Thank you Nokia. You did it right the first time!

  • Duk3togo

    I am curious, do any of you (RT bashers) own a tablet right now?? If yes, then why do you bash WRT when it does more than your current tablet. Chances are you won’t admit to having one in order not to look like a hater. WRT is better than any current tablet maybe not in specs but definitely in features. So it doesn’t work with legacy apps, who cares your current one doesn’t either.

    • Cruncher

      That always puzzles me. Most of the RT haters do not own an RT device, while most RT owners seem to be happy with the device.
      I am looking forward to this Nokia tablet. Either this device or the Surface RT successor with Tegra 4.

    • Mike

      IMHO it is very hard to get proper price point to RT tablet and Nokia is notorious to overprice this kind of special products – hopefully it does not do it not this time.

      I have Samsung Win8 tablet and I am very pleased to it even Samsung seems to retreat from this game and albeit for some jobs it is tad too slow (like CorelDRAW GS X). I also installed last licence of MS Office 2010 Home Edition to my Win8-tablet and it works just perfectly on it. The RT should have way better battery time in order to compensate the lack of apps availability vs. Win8 – and those should not be remarkably slower to perform e.g. in Browsing.
      That said Nokia RT seems to have good specs in general, if above is valid information. Only CPU and available disk space are less to my tablet.

    • wp77

      I have an RT and couldn’t be happier. Ok a little more speed wold be nice, but it is a nice consumption device that also allows me to work on docs, rdp to servers etc, etc. when I need to.

    • Guest

      I don’t have anything against it. But when I went to the one local retailer who stocks it, the demo unit was broken and the clerk didn’t give a shit. So like WP, MS faces a real problem at retail. I don’t think Surface is capable of selling itself against iPad’s popularity or Android’s price. So somebody needs to tell the story and do so effectively. Right now, at least in my neck of the woods, that’s not happening at Retail. And the TV ads, while better and more focused on what it actually does, still far short.

      • Duk3togo

        I agree totally with in regards to the retailers they don’t give a crap at all. IMO if I was MS I would focus on making the RT mainly for tablets under 9 inches. Since its licensing fee is less they might be able to go up against androids price point. Not saying restrict it to 9 inch but it would help them get a foot hold. A student with office in a tablet in their back pocket and able to use a thumb drive or SD card for presentations. Its crazy why they are not selling well.

  • UMovies

    people has called me crazy for saying they had an rt device , but obvious they do, but dont worry they also have an amd device as well with win pro do know when it will come probably not till next year but compal will do it as well. As I’ve been saying for months nokia will own the rt market as well, price, performance, looks, and innovations, as well as all the nokia goodness, camera, apps, support, maping and offline gps and mapping will make them the dominant fish in the sea. Poor rt sales was equal to, price, poor performance, ungly device poor support, and function below the competitive system poor app selection, like guys like acer complained teh whole time, and still are why would anyone buy from them, nokia is gonna have a all in approach to its win 8 tablet, not a lets make a win 8 tablet but it will be a sorry version of our android tablet.

  • UMovies

    5 point multi touch that’s disappointing, but i guess that’s be cause its an rt device.

  • Tim

    Personally, I would NEVER EVER buy a tablet that uses an ARM processor, I would only buy a tablet with an Intel processor, either an Intel Atom processor (for the cheap tablets) or an Intel core i3, i5, or i7 multi-core processor (usually for more expensive tablets). And I say that despite the fact that it runs a version of Windows 8 called Windows RT that runs only on ARM processors.

    1) The astronomical number of programs and applications running on an Intel processor is more than four millions!!! I cannot give up this availability for any other processor, no matter how cheap the tablet is sold!!
    2) Google Android is crap in many ways and it is certainly no match for Windows 8!! The number of drivers available for the Intel processors along with associated devices is again astronomical. That is not the case for Google Android.
    3) The apps for Google Android are crap!! Many do not work well with the various tablets and smartphones on offer.
    4) Multi-language support on Google Android? It does not exist but it is excellent on Windows 8.
    5) and many more very good reasons.

    Should I bother adding reasons to use only a tablet with an Intel processor and with Windows 8?!!!!

    • Emiel Zuurbier

      This needs more caps and !’s.

  • jonny_utah

    Is that an active digitizer pen in the diagram? I love my Surface RT, it would be great with the Pro’s pen.

  • pfizerdiamonds

    My wife has an RT tablet made my ASUS and loves its. She uses it more than her laptop. She likes the long battery life and the ability to multitask versus an ipad. My next device is going to be the RT refresh.

  • TheQEntity

    No way I’ll by a RT tablet. Make one with a Intel CPU and the full OS and I’ll by one.

  • xma1e

    I would only by an RT device if it was cheap. My partner has the Acer W3 with W8 and I just love the fact all my programs work in some way or other.

    I don’t see the point of RT unless its on cheaper hardware.

  • reKitab

    2.15 hz?

  • 1stkorean

    Living in Seoul, South Korea we were far down on the list to get the Surface RT and I wanted to give them as Xmas Gifts. I flew to America in Dec 2012 bought 5 Surface RT Tablets 1 for me and the other 4 for Gifts. Everybody still thanks me for the wonderful gift I made them and as for myself I love it too although I did get myself a Surface Pro so I could have both.

    BTW: I own a Sansung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and an Asus Transformer Infinity both running Android which I enjoyed very much until I got my Surface RT. Now they just gather dust.
    Gift giving season is coming up soon…

    NO iCrap in the house either.

  • Adrian

    Don’t do it unless it’s under $299

  • Tech_Reader

    Hope !! there is still hope for us if Nokia keeps its markets right, I mean in India this tablet would definitely be launched.. at a good price point.
    I don’t want this to be priced like the useless OEM’s have done in India.

  • FateStayNight

    I have an acer w510, I was so happy with it I decided to buy another one either for me, for the tv or for my parents. I was going to wait for this nokia tablet, I find that I totally love Nokia’s designs. I DREAM of cyan polycarbonate tablets… until I found out there’s a sale on dell latitude 10 essentials yesterday after researching pricing right after I read this article. Total reaches just $250 which is cheaper than android tablets being advertised and ipad while being a full PC OS! If nokia can drive prices this low, they can have my money this christmas! Promo ends 8-16-2013 11pmCT. Bing is your friend. Promocode FBDX99605PW3S3. Please do your own research, this tablet is not for everyone.

  • Dharmesh Khatri

    Interesting news I am waiting for one to get.

    Features are seems to be very well

    But most amazing it’s processing speed 2.15 GHz

  • Syed

    Buying 3 for kids if < $260 each.

  • frankwick

    1. RT (like the ipad) is primarily about the apps. Without the apps, the platform is useless.
    2. RT is secondarily about performance. Microsoft needs to up the specs and prevent $199 tablets from killing the reputation.
    3. Why does Microsoft have two ARM operating systems? RT and WP will become one.
    4. WP is more refined than RT.

  • Talo

    I really am ready for it. I hope they price it right, maybe $349 for 32GB and 449 for 64GB. When will they price 64GB option for 4349