Nokia Working On A 8-inch Windows RT Tablet Codenamed ‘Illusionist’

Nokia Lumia 2520 Red

Nokia announced its first 10-inch Windows RT tablet Lumia 2520 at Nokia World last month. The device will go on sale this month for $499. Today, @evleaks posted that Nokia is working on a 8-inch Windows RT tablet codenamed ‘Illusionist’. If this happens to be true, then this upcoming 8-inch tablet will compete against rumored Microsoft’s Surface 8-inch tablet just like how Lumia 2520 and Surface 2 are in the market.

Nokia ‘Illusionist’ will sport the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 1080p display with support for Stylus and will run on Windows RT 8.1 according to various reports. It should be priced around $349 – $399 to compete against iPad Mini Retina display.

Source: @evleaks

  • Michi Bärski

    Stylus Support would be the absolute best thing!
    Excited to see

  • FateStayNight

    Please put GPS on it, the 2520 doesn’t have GPS :(
    Oh, and an active digitizer pen.

    • Viktor

      No it has.

      • FateStayNight

        GPS feature: Magnetometer, A-GPS, A-GLONASS. I’m looking for true GPS. A-GPS in the 2520 means that you’ll have to be online so that your location can be looked up. This means that it’s not true offline turn by turn navigation. I was so psyched when I heard that nokia was making a tablet I was practically salivating. I was measuring my car for places to mount it but then boom! just a-gps, I cried!
        Please nokia, put a real gps sensor on the 8″ tablet! Please oh please!

        • Viktor

          You are wrong.
          Lumia 920

          Location technologies: Magnetometer, A-GPS, Cellular and Wi-Fi network positioning, A-GLONASS

        • José Villaró

          I know what you mean, but they’re all data enabled so they can get away with it… On the surface it’s just a shame

        • Michael-Patrick Richter

          Not true. A-GPS just uses Internet to make acquiring a signal faster. Of course you can use it completely offline.

          • FateStayNight

            Really?!? Nice! I crossed off the 2520 from my christmas shopping list because I thought it wouldn’t be able to work with HERE if It’s offline, Oh sweet 2520 , you are back in my sights! You’ll be fighting it with either with a surface 2, (2) dell venue 8 or (2) toshiba tablets for my money this xmas season.

  • simonesweetweet

    I’m pissing my pants now!
    c’mon I neeeeeed this sweet spot 8 inch phablet
    yes I wish it could make calls,
    and I need GPS in it and of course would love 41mpx with xenon and a dedicated app for raw files plus PhotoShop app

  • Pookiewood

    DAMN!! Just when I thought I’d honed in my tablet choice!! Looks like no tablet until next year for me. Going to wait it out even further now. I guess I could get a Wii U or 3DS instead this year. 😉

  • Orc

    8 inch with HERE drive for a good price, would have been nice.

  • infinidim

    I think an 8inch Nokia RT tablet would be great

  • Bugbog

    it’s such a pity that Microsoft/Nokia have only released 10″ RT devices thus far. It would have been nice if they had released such units concurrently!

  • José Villaró

    Ok, now we’re talking!

  • BaritoneGuy

    Sign me up. While I know I can get an 8″ tablet. None of the ones I have seen have the 1080P display or RT. I do not want full Windows on an 8″ device. I can see that others might, but not me.
    I have been playing with an news Nexus 7 2013 and love the form factor. I am just not a big fan of Android.

  • tropolite

    These small form factors aren’t coming quick enough. I was looking at the new Lenovo Miix2 for my 8″ tablet, but with this news, that may very well change. This would compliment my Surface Pro 2. Bring it on Nokia – this is gonna be a winner!

  • Bchau

    If it truly supports an active stylus (pressure sensitive like the S-Pen), then I will buy it. I like drawing with the Fresh Paint and taking note with OneNote. Indeed, better to have a pen placeholder within the tablet. Galaxy Note tablet can do that, so it is do-able.

    • Schooner1984

      One of the primary reasons I am looking at the Surface Pro 2 is the Pen. Excited to learn more about this device.

  • Lenn Liggins

    Now the next question is when?

  • jimski27

    8″ is the sweet spot (use my 8″ Acer more than my 10″ Surface RT), but in order to meet the needs of enterprise, you need a non-RT option. A full blown 8″ Windows tablet may not be everyones cup of tea. But for business, its uses are limitless. Much more so than a locked down iPad.